Monday, October 20, 2008

Editorial -- Hispanics Rallying Behind Tio Todd Hunter

San Patricio, TX -- It has been in the past contradictory for the Hispanic psyche to go against one that belongs to their ethnic group – but the tide is changing gradually against Incumbent State Representative Juan Garcia. But often, conversely, our "own" soon forget that they are "our own"- if they ever were. What I mean to say is that Juan/"Johnito" Garcia is a chameleon of sorts who changes color and shape and tells a good story and is somewhat smooth in his delivery. He is like a beautiful smelling fruit that is alluring but when you bite into it -- there is a millisecond of sweetness that is followed by knowing it is way to sweet and is actually cloy.

I believe this metaphor to be true of State Representative Garcia’s two years in office where he has only been eyeing something bigger. I ignored him taking money from the power base of high-dollar sponsors in the past. He has been armed with over $400,000.00 during this election; and in the past election was given close to the same amount to win by a slim margin -- and to be honest, it brought some of my compadres in Odem that pulled him through.

But now things have changed. Now many of the same people who idolized him now feel betrayed. He no longer visits with them. He no longer thinks that Spanish commercials are important or acknowledging our culture. Spanish radio host Victor Lara Ortegon -- last week -- said it the best: “He has forgotten us.”

You see my friends, State Representative Garcia knows that once you are in -- you have a better chance of staying in by keeping the majority of the elite status quo happy. For him to continue to cater to the Hispanic community in a responsible way would not be wise (when his career takes priority), because we are only good for a tiebreaker.

Is "Tio" Todd Hunter a viable alternative to Johnito? Many Hispanics say “yes.” Many in our community call him affectionately El "Tio" Todd (Hunter) as he has campaigned throughout the counties at stake San Patricio, Aransas, Calhoun and Nueces of District 32. When you meet Hunter he is a very friendly sort and through the years seeing him out of Austin, he never lost the common touch. He is cordial to me and of all media including Spanish owned media. It says a lot for this man. "Tio" Todd has invested time, money and attention with Hispanics and realizes that the face of America is changing. No longer can we be put in the corner of isolationism.


There is a great pool of potential voters that are conservative, who are so sick of the raping of our tax base by those who hunger for power, who are so sick of roads being built to nowhere and libraries without books, who are so sick of career politicians who create only wealth for themselves and are looking for something else all the time -- their appetites are ravenous.

. Many citizens want a better life without leaving a huge tax bill for their children: Go figure that many Hispanics go to church for the most part, have family values, know the value of traditional respect, and value who they are and the ethnics of hard work. This mirrors conservative values -- doesn't it? How does a conservative Hispanic identify with leftists who favor abortion and getting rid of guns and getting rid of your Ford F-150? Por Favor! It doesn't add up. While I do not advocate party flipping I do advocate voting independently instead of voting a certain way because someone gave you a job or a taco.

While Juan/Johnito has run from his culture, Tio Todd is reaching out to us. Some would argue, "Yes Defenzor, but only because he needs our vote.". I understand that argument; but I would also argue that this man endearingly labeled "Tio" Todd has served in that position already four terms and stepped down with respect, and unlike many in politics without scandal. One term and Johnito is already covered with the lice of tainted money; the Good Government Pact buying his election and the search for another job on the horizon and forgetting about Hispanos. How many can accuse or have accused Tio Todd of taking tainted money? Think about that. Hispanics have a voice and for too long we have been controlled and ostracized if we did not bow and scrape and do the bidding of the Lenchos and the Solomons of the world. NO LONGER.

Brothers and sisters (readers of El Defenzor), whether you are Hispanic, Anglo, Black or Asian or whatever creed or national origin, believe me when I say that we cannot afford to be affiliated with one party any longer. We cannot afford to bite into that cloyish fruit which we thought was so sweet at first, and we must transcend color and party lines to get the best candidate who won't forget us when we need him/her. If not, I will be here and many like me in the media to remind public officials to be respectfully honest, to be attentive to our needs in the community. Republican and Democrat: What does that mean anymore to us who are left with billions of dollars of tax bills here locally and nationally? When it has been Democrats as well as Republicans who have let a 10 billion dollar war rage on half a world away and who have squandered our natural resources and reserves and who have jeopardized our very economy and have allowed all of these people to rape the taxpayer and now we have to bail them out? NO MORE.

For "Tio" Todd to be reaching out says something to all of us in these troubled times. He truly wants our vote. For him it is wanting to serve. He has made his money. He is a respected law partner and lobbyist after serving four terms in the position. Johnito has served only one with questions dogging him about being in bed with trial lawyers and his arrogant boss Barger pulling commercials off the air and stifling the political process . And the biggest difference is that Tio Todd is not lighting candles so Barack Obama wins so he can get a Washington position and be done with all of us who are needling Teflon Juan.

I believe Tio Todd is not going anywhere and he can give us another four terms as he has done in the past and I am suddenly very, very concerned about our very own Hispanos – i.e., who won't return little las abuelitas calls or run one single Spanish message to reach out to the very voters who saved him. I guess Johnito’s Hollywood and Austin advisers who don't know a darn thing about the Hispanic vote have overlooked how important we are. Pity for him and better for Tio Todd.

I am available to debate these points here or on TV or the Radio. Freedom of Speech is not free. It costs me dearly but I must speak my mind and have made my argument for "Tio" Todd Hunter.


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La Palanca, no more. Todd Hunter, I trust El Defenzor, will honor his word to the community and to El Defenzor.

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He's the man.

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TIO TODD kicked the living shit out of Juan Garcia in all the debates. Seriously. It's not just whitey talking. Everyone knows Juan had nothing to say. Todd is not Gene Seamen Juanito.Instead of having your sugar daddy Mikal Watts take care of you, you should have spent time with la raza.