Wednesday, October 15, 2008

CCPOA Explains Decision Not to Endorse in District 34 Race

CORPUS CHRISTI—The Corpus Christi Police Officers' Association issued no endorsement in the race for District 34 last night, but did so on a technicality that was forced by Abel Herrero's opponent.

Mike Hess, CCPOA's PAC Chairman issued the following statement:

"The Corpus Christi Police Officers' Association Political Action Committee has known Rep. Abel Herrero for a long time and we were honored to have him come before our membership again this cycle to discuss his plans as he continues to serve District 34 in the state legislature. Unfortunately, the PAC is bound by rules to continue in the order of the schedule unless candidates agree otherwise. The PAC Constitution and Bylaws are very strict regarding the speaking presentations of candidates. Because the PAC forum was running ahead of time and schedules were tight, we were unable to reinforce our longstanding support for Rep. Herrero. We do, however, wish him goodwill and good luck."

According to CCPOA, Herrero's opponent was afforded the opportunity to wait until the scheduled time in light of the endorsements running ahead of schedule but refused, forcing the organization to go ahead without the planned back-and-forth format. Scott agreed to let Herrero address the assembly when it was clear that he was on time for his scheduled appearance.

"It is unfortunate that my opponent continues to avoid facing me head to head where voters and organizations can decide how we stack up. I am willing to debate her on the issues that face hard working Nueces County families, but her campaign continues to use cheap, negative tactics instead of making a positive case," said Rep. Herrero. "I am happy to have the support of our police officers and I will always support them in my work in the legislature."

Abel Herrero has been endorsed by the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT) and is the most senior member of the Corpus Christi delegation. He is seeking his third term in the Texas House of Representatives.


Anonymous said...

Why is Connie Scott delaying the debate? Expediency.

They don't want the CCPOA to look under her hood.


We know what is happening. Strings can be pulled by her hubby but we get wind of them. We are getting a clearer picture of what is going on now thanks to this blog.

Anonymous said...

How many times has she been married 5? Was she seeing Scott while she was married?


I don't think personal issues (be they true or rumor) should be part of the focus on this blog.

We are more concerned with the larger picture, the agenda, the structure the candidates are affiliated with and thus and so via a critical look at them be able to enlighten the masses.

Anonymous said...

I still feel she is a corporate whore. My opinion.


Corporate pawn? I agree.

nogard said...

Hey Homero....

In this blog (which I thought you would most definitely include) you failed to mention that Peggy Banales was the ONLY Dem that didn't get the endorsement of the CCPOA.

I think that is truly worth noting.... What's your take on her failure to get the support of any organization or a majority of local businesses?

Did you happen to catch the LVW Forum.... she was an utter moron.... she was intent on defending her actions, but nothing she said made a lick of sense... seems to be her MO... never making sense!