Sunday, October 26, 2008

Citizens Against Trickery (CAT) Emerges – Exposes CONNIE SCOTT As Being Part Of A Deceptive Corporate Agenda

A new organization has emerged in Nueces County known as CAT (Citizens Against Trickery). The group will soon be coming out publicly. It feels that in this day and age, corporations and professional groups are utilizing part of the financial budgets to use deceptive tactics in advertisement. These corporate heads have found venal friends to execute their agendas such as Connie Scott who is running for State Representative. These corporations and mega organizaitons also by other means manipulate the pubic into supporting proposals and bonds and laws that benefit the powerful, the wealthy and especially mega-dollar corporations.

The new president of CAT, Alberto Saenz, said: “Our job will be to educate the public about identifiable and secretive plots in the community. To do our best to explain their real aims, and discredit and detail their misleading platforms.”

“Currently there is a group known here locally as Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (BACALA or CALA) that has been operating as a non-profit organization – which really is functioning as a Political Action Committee. This organization began as a ‘hate movement’ against Mexicans in the Rio Grande valley. It was then both organized and re-imaged by Corporate America. They hired a political and marketing consultant, Jon Opelt, to make it seem that it was a legitimate organization when it had in fact a charged corporate agenda (to discourage lawsuits by the average John and Jane Doe when they had been wronged at work or in the operating room) and also this CALA group would provide undue protect for professionals (such as wealthy doctors) who harm their patients,” the president of CAT said.

One of the main concerns right now is that the former Executive Director of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse – Connie Scott – is running for State Representative against a popular incumbent State Representative Abel Herrero. Three months ago Ms. Scott told the Texas Weekly (see Volume 25, Issue 29, 21 July 2008): “Instead of getting into agendas and things I want to work on, I believe that, if elected, I should work on any issue that affects the people of Nueces County." Yet, now it has been revealed, that the group she has been affiliated with -- CALA – does have a huge corporate agenda. The CALA organization if fact was stared by an ex-CEO of American, Energy and Power (then CPL) in Weslaco, Texas. It has also been discovered that mega-dollar corporation such as tobacco companies such as Phillip Morris and American, Energy and Power and even foreign corporations are channeling dollars to this fake organization to pretend it is a citizens group demanding that the legal system be improved when in fact it is targeting the working class and the poor. In short, the organization is assisting to keep those in the lower echelons of society disenfranchised.

Ms. Scott has been the mouthpiece for this sham organization (known as CALA) for ten years – an organization that her husband (Mike Scott – founder of H&S Construction) has set on as a founder and governing board member. This group, it has been criticized, has also been courting state supreme court judges and politicians to shield corporate giants and wealthy professionals from being sued. CALA, disgustingly, has been used to channel money corporate dollars into the political campaigns of politicians such as John Cornyn who are pushing the Corporate and Tort Reform agendas.

“In short, it has now been revealed that Connie Scott (and her husband) have been running a fake organization all these years to deceive the taxpayers and the public at large. This is a wonderful opportunity to do an expose on the political plot being executed by the most deceptive tactics in marketing available,” the president of CAT concluded.


Anonymous said...

Connie Scott: Sold every cell to corporations.

Anonymous said...

She is making all Republicans look bad. Why doesn't she leave our party?

She is too off the wall. I suspected this.

Connie Scott, leave our party. Go work for Corporate America: don't scam our party.

Anonymous said...

Does she have an education?

Anonymous said...

Hell no. Why do you think she does what she does?

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Anonymous said...

Jerry Kane I understand sits on the Texans For Legal Reform (TLR) board founded by Mike Scott. He is all over the place channeling money also to interests groups.

He runs Sam Kane Meat processors in the Annaville/ cc Area. Jerry I understand is lobbying also for a monopoly in meat packing contracts.
His business will grow very soon all thanks to politicians in key boards.

Phil Vela has no loyalty. How can he support tobacco company agendas. How can he support a known hate group such as CALA?

He has lawyers that claim to represent the elderly and the sick yet support an agenda placing caps on nursing homes.

Vela at least wants to appoint his sweetheart to a post; but the others?