Monday, February 16, 2009

The Bigger the Lie the more they Believe?

Are we hearing our ears? Can it be that the defense star witness is bolstering up testimony by saying that anyone can practice law in Mexico vs the witness for the prosecution law professor from UH Zamora? tHE DEFENSE LAWYER SAYING THAT THE ONLY REASON PEOPLE GET A LAW DEGREE IN MEXICO IS TO OBTAIN CULTURE? Is there a lawyer unified front to protect Celis? Was he practicing without a license?

Any lawyer other than Tony CAnales could not get away with such a brazen defense as "What he did was proper. As a mexican lawyer he can set up office in DC and can then can be a law firm operator in Texas but can still set up practice in DC."

Here's where he is in hot water: Most indictments are not dropped, just one count out of the 23. CGT website count: on one page it hit the print screen of Celis as an attorney and in another window it added two counts based on one web site because of two pictures but kept 22 counts.

Trying to negate the checks: Tony says he's not holding himself out as a lawyer: he never showed them to a third party? Hmmm, what about the bank itself. Supertechicalities don't add up.

If it was any other lawyer selling this it wouldn't sell. Can Tony sell this? Should Mauricio should have taken an early misdemeanor deal? He may have been better off taking the hit. He should not have held himself out as a lawyer. That is what separates him from the runners and lackeys for other attorneys.

What I cannot understand is why doesn't Watts have to testify? Why shouldn't Watts testify? he was a close link and checks and a letter of recommendation to a bank he held Mauricio out to be lawyer. Very strange....what is it, will the other shoe fall? Or is it that Carlos figures the waves of evidence are so strong that they don't need Watts? Maybe, Mikal would be a risk as a charismatic that would have hurt Carlos' case.
Vance Owen: Was Vance called at all?
What is going on readers? Please give us your opinion. Will Mauricio walk? Will there be a hold up juror?

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Face it. That crook is fried.

Anonymous said...

Queso compadre! Ya cuelga los tennies. He's out of witnesses bro. Pendejo should have taken the hit for a misdemeneanor. Tony aint' worth shit. Everybody thinks he's chingon. He should have had Mauricio's back and taken a quick deal but let's face it, he wouldnt have made la pinche lana!

Anonymous said...

Never shown to a third party (the checks?). Tony, tony, Homer is right, the bank is the third party as well as the clerks.

Anonymous said...

testimony 3:37 testimony testimony: chihuahua license? mauricio can practice in chihuahua, tamaulipas and the judge didnt' care and sustained CArlos objection. Queso mijo! Frito, yasta frito!

Anonymous said...

Shit, that ain't nothing, the healer and his boys next. No more lawyer want to be's...

Anonymous said...

He's finally realizing that Tony had no real defense for him and he is panicking. Don't give up Mauricio, roll on the gringo pendejos like Watts. They all used you like very mexican they use. Los otros tambien, roll on all the lawyers who committed perjury IMHO! Salva la pinche vida!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All your people have lied to you Mauricio. They knew you would not roll and they have made you all these promises to keep you mouth shut. Don't be stupid. You squandered all this money on people that dont care whether you get fried or not. Shame, man, shame. Don't believe them when they say you will make money again if you just go do the time. Don't believe the law. 6x8 cell is hard. cut a deal if you can.

Anonymous said...

Way back when I believe in a town named Guadalajara, Vance Owen Sr. and Vance Owen Jr. lived there for many years.

I believe Vance has a sister named Priscilla Owen (undetermined) if it is the same PO on the Texas Supreme court now on the US 5th Judicial District Court of Appeals in New Orleans but the same name nevertheless.

Anyways, I believe Celis and Vance are childhood pals and got caught up in the intoxication power brought.

Owen has a bar license did he leave his friend behind and to make up for it brought him here and gave him the important role that many agreed to provide Celis by going in to business with him.