Tuesday, February 17, 2009


In the legal world you never, ever know what 12 people on a jury will do. Here we had a jury of 12 Hispanics. Much of the testimony steered toward terms such as "licensiado", "cedula" and other terms of art which pitted Mexican against American law. In the end what did it matter? Many asked at the courthouse and around town, "why are we wasting our time trying this guy?" The truth some argue is that Celis created a goldmine for men like Mikal Watts who knew very well the role of Celis and his Mexican lawyer persona with Vance Owens and at the least Watts turned a blind eye to Celis' neardo'well law degree. Testimony was heavily concentrated on this question and today, Tony only had a few witnesses, among them Paloma Steele's ex who testified that Celis never acted or tried to deceive "The Club" that he was an attorney. Remember that the burden of proof lies with Carlos not Tony. Whatever way the jury decides also remember that Luijen is the ultimate decider of punishments and can sentence Mauricio for a while. It was a calculated risk the defense took and it is a high stakes game with Celis' life in prison in a 6x8 cell and giving up the "Mamma Mia" lifestyle he enjoyed, partaking of the fine Italian cuisine and spending thousands on wine and expensive cigars. No one can doubt Mauricio's generosity with the poor and with supporting his Democratic Party. What has he really done? If he had to apologize or be fined or punished by the State Bar that would be one thing, but Thomas J. Henry, Big Bill Edwards behind the scene pulling the strings and feeding information to the San Antonio Express News and all the rest circling the shark tank to rid themselves of Mauricio and therefore weaken the golden boy and aspiring senator Mikal Watts and help him lose many referrals to them. Never let what is really going on be clouded by a drunken naked girl, an expired deputy badge from Duval County, a vainglorious, glory monger like Kaelin trying to stick his nose into it to get on TV, the famous Bryan Smith who just does not want to get his fake hair, fake moustache and glasses out of the cameras(Im on a roll hear), and all the other cast of characters like Larry Olivarez who tried to fool the jury that he never introduced Mauricio as an attorney (HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN LARRY AND MAURICIO ADDRESSING A GROUP OF MEXICAN LAW STUDENTS IN MARISELA SALDANA'S COURT WHILE MAURICIO PROCLAIMED HE WAS A MEXICAN LAWYER AND LARRY NODDING HIS HEAD WITH 30 LAWYERS PRESENT?) EVEN MARISELA HERSELF OUR JUDGE OF THE 148TH SAID ON TAPE SHE THOUGHT HE WAS AN ATTORNEY. JAMIE POWELL FROM THE POLITICAL PULSE PROCLAIMED AS SUCH SEVERAL TIMES AS WELL. WHERE DID THEY ALL GET THAT IDEA?) but I digress, the main point here is that Tony has certainly muddied the waters and created a measure of reasonable doubt. They need one juror as a holdout to acquit or have a hung jury. Anything can happen tomorrow. Wait and see. Personally, I hope Mauricio is slapped on the wrist or less and he smartens up and let's everyone in on the world he was in for a decade and the hypocrisy of all of these lawyers who took the cases, paid Mauricio fees and then act innocent. Please. Do not be anyone's well paid Pawn anymore Mauricio. You have wasted a lot of money on individuals who in the end are just like the white trial lawyers; they use you and when they don't need you they throw you away. Learn from this brother. Keep scrubbing! It will never come off.! Buena Suerta Manana! Our prayers are with you.

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Damn Homer, tell it like it is.