Monday, February 23, 2009


keep your dial tuned to 104.9.I will try to appear this Friday with Mr. Carlos Lopez help on KTMV and Magic 104.9.

Relax Joseph I am not coming after you. :-). You have an excellent radio program. We are all trying to educate the public and get to the truth out- we just sometimes differ in opinion. I am more concerned with the unfair treatment of the poor and my focus will be on that. Even our own commissioner Oscar Ortiz was treated badly at memorial. It must stop! The way we treat the indigent of South Texas and the hispanic at Memorial Hospital ER: THERE IS NO EXCUSE. If they treat a man like GEorge Sanchez with the congressman's ear and his own private attorney horribly and they do the same to Oscar Ortiz what do the rest of us expect in that ER. It's a death sentence if we do not change the racism and the way they treat the Mexicano there! Rise up brothers! The Congressman needs to do something about this.

I also want to explore the Celis issues. I am not for one side or the other but merely seeing the phenomenon unravel. CNN should get ahold of this. Makes for a great movie as well. Who will play Mauricio: Antonio Banderas, Luis Guzman? Input please! Tony Canales: Ricardo Montalban? Carlos Valdez: James Edward Olmos? See you soon on the airwaves.

Seriously, both of these issues also tie in with the elections coming up. We will explore justice and fair treatment in and out of the courtroom. Defenzor TV is coming soon as well.

Perhaps even Bob Jones will have me on some time again.

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Anonymous said...

You need air time. True Dat. Blast them. Make Memorial ER treat all patients with respect and dignity whether they can pay or not. Maybe Joseph can have you on his show. Come on! Bury the hatchet. LOL.