Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Has the Media done a smear job and mischaracterized him? Will he be set free?
Is he falsely accused and misunderstood?

Unbelievable. As I wore my Sunday best to check out the trial today I was dumbfounded to hear lawyers saying the same thing, "Gee, I didn't know if he was or wasn't an attorney." Many of these people were the same guys printing out millions with him and now they are acting like the cow staring at the new gate. Let me get this straight: "We make millions with him and Tony and Carlos expose the checks to prove it, yet we don't know his status. All of us. What are the odds. To complicate matters there is the tape at one of the stations where the whole issue of Mr. Celis' status as a lawyer is being rerun from October of 2007. This is definitely a tough trial. What it comes down to is as they say on Law and Order : reasonable doubt. Is there a reasonable doubt that he could be innocent and they targeted him?. Could he have done his homework and been careful. The only thing that may have hurt him was his being attracted to lawyers, the spollight and giving away gobs of money. Last time I checked that was not a crime, just being a showoff Mexicano. Sounds like many of the men I've dated. LMAO. Is that a felony? Not the last time I checked.

Let us wait and see what Carlos Valdez and the very articulate Angelica Hernandez have up their sleeve along with the AG. According to El Defenzor's Homero there are 23 counts heis being accused of and may be separate trials. I am no lawyer but the odds are against him at least not pulling something. Perhaps if there is a deal he should take it. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Purahispana you have a weekend sense of humor but the Gotti pic brings out a point. The media road him hard and painted Thomas J. Henry a hero? The one who only cared about getting the cases away from CGT law firm and Mauricio. Don't worry. His days coming. He ambulance chases too, so they say.


Uh, I think you meant wicked sense of humor, but that is okay corazon, I got you. I wanted to make a point. They have attacked this man since day one. Maybe he was acting like a bigshot but is that illegal? Hell no. I hear he's a good family man and I hope that his story is straight. Will he get up on the stand? I'd love to see that.

Jaime KenedeƱo said...

You know I have been in and out of Mauricio's trial. A few observations from the first time I was there. IMO a pro establishment Judge with a subtle leaning towards housekeeping but enough to cancel technical victories for the defense. To my surprise (which really shouldn't have been a surprise) was the Texas Deputy Attorney General and he was on a mission. I think about it for a bit and start to smell the stench. This prosecution is a winnable prosecution but it is not one seeking Justice. Josie (the Politiquera from the commentarios) and the political targeting / retaliation exacted in her from the same Level and branch of government. We all know the prosecution of her as a criminal was ridiculous. The ones who disagree do so because they dont like her politics but not because technically she was prosecutable. This is suppression of the NUECES DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Mauricio is being prosecuted out of Political Expediency. Angelica takes credit as this thing being her baby, she has put together a winnable case against a man she despises right along side of Mikal Watts. I know the disdain Angelica harbors for these men who with their money influence South Texas Politics. She knows they are cheating and she ran her election campaign fair and square to lose by a very narrow margin. Now all of that said, i do not believe her diligence stems from Professionalism. Also, I cannot see her casting stones as she is not without prosecutable transgressions. I believed in Angelica and thought if anyone would retain a humble objectivity that it would be Angelica. My opinion diminished now by our last two communications. I contacted her by phone and asked her if she would apprise a situation dealing with the status of my wife (unlawfully confined) and how I might remedy the situation. She was very polite (but in hindsight) out of expedience only she said, Yes Mr Haley I will look into the situation and I will call you back. It will probably be late today but I assure you I will call you back today Mr Haley." I still remain. This is all I need to know Angelica has turned to the Dark Side.

On another note "The Whole World Knew" Mauricio was not a licensed attorney. Let's suppose they did not have a clue he did not possess a license, who dropped the ball and allowed him to operate in the State Judiciary without credentials? Now get rid of everyone who should have known and claims they did not know as their defense. WATT they are really telling everyone is that they are incompetent. GET RID OF TEH INCOMPETENCE!

As for Angelica, I am truly disappointed for her and in her. She knows it and avoided talking to me while Carlos just patted me on the back. She did have to speak to my wife as it was unavoidable. Angelica's cower to us says it all. She knows it doesnt feel right cuz if it did she would face us with passion and confidence. Where did the Old Angelica go?

As for Mauricio, he is in the grinder. Mikal Watts, Two Fer, Firestone and Velacrat Politics. The only option he has is to bring in the Politicos and get them on record. If he has half a brain he will set up the three rings right there in the courtroom and let the Political Circus begin. Hell, he should even subpoena Hillary. The witness list is where we turned the tables and it can be so for Mauricio as well. I have tried to show him the water but I cant make him drink.