Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kingsville Man Convicted of Possession of a Controlled Substance

Ipolito Vinton was convicted on Monday, February 9th in the 105th District Court of Kleberg County. The District Attorney, John Hubert, said that Ipolito Vinton (8-6-1965) was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, namely Cocaine. The jury deliberated for only about 20 minutes before returning a guilty verdict on the indictment. The Defendant asked Judge Manuel Bañales to assess punishment. The Judge assessed two years incarceration in State Jail.

The case began when on March 29, 2008 a routine nightly patrol by officers of the Kingsville Police Department stopped to talk with two men who were hanging out in a high crime area late at night. As the officers approached, one noticed that the Defendant dropped something on the ground. The second suspect was observed with white powder residue under his nose and admitted to having "snorted" cocaine earlier. When the officer began talking with the first suspect, he looked down where the first suspect was standing to see a small baggie of powder, later determined to be cocaine. The Defendant took the stand to testify. He denied dropping the cocaine and instead stated that he was urinating.

The jury found the Defendant's story to be unconvincing and convicted the Defendant based on the officer's observations. When considering punishment, Judge Bañales was able to consider the Defendant's extensive previous record. This included a previous stint on felony probation for possession of marijuana, which the Defendant did not complete. The Judge assessed the maximum state jail time in the case.

District Attorney Hubert said that the nightly patrols by the Kingsville Police Department were paying off. "The police presence during those hours helps catch criminals and deter other crimes." Hubert also commended Assistant District Attorney Aida Trevino on her ability to communicate the officer's observations to the jury. "Sometimes it is difficult to impart to the Jury what an officer saw in a manner that the Jury has an accurate mental picture of what happened. The jury understood her argument and presentation of the facts and agreed with her by convicting the Defendant."

Since this is a State Jail case, the Defendant must serve the sentence day for day with no good time or parole given.


Anonymous said...

looks like an "air tight" case to me.

Is there some underlying issue or significant wrong committed.

Why is the article here on El Defensor?

Anonymous said...

Duh, it is recognizing that that Dist. Attorney John Hubert is doing his job effectively in Kleberg/Kenedy Counties. In a very professional manner; he does not act like a madman that is angry at the world and wants to get back at everyone, but those that are harming agents in the community.

Anonymous said...

Hubert did not prosecute the case but took credit for Aida Trevinos worIf he wanted to do his job effectively he would concentrate on the corrupt public officials, the USE OF THE Patriot act to exact personal vendettas and the abuse of power and available technologies to politically target citizens. Hubert is poking your eyes. El Defensor can surely publish a better example demonstrating and / or recognizing the "good work" in the name of JUSTICE. One would think Justice would demand following the law and I can prove he has not followed the law in some cases "close and personal" to him. Mr 3 times Kilo is one. If you want I will give you the time date and the man's attorney. I can give you another instance when he deliberately acquiesced intent to leave an innocent person locked up. Hubert is a hateful spiteful man. I can prove it. I will prove it. Why are you tooting the horn for the man, shouldn't his actions speak for themselves. Might as well attribute all the good to the Honorable Manuel Banales. He is the reason Hubert is putting on the act. Publish this and let us engage the rest of the community. That is if you got the inspiration to defend your man Hubert. He is a harming agent and has harmed good people. I am ready for the joust are you?

Sincerely yours,

waiting in the tall tall grass.

Anonymous said...

i understand that this may not be a popular idea, but here it is: WE DO NOT NEED TO BE SENDING PEOPLE TO PRISON FOR USING A PERSONAL AMOUNT OF DRUGS!!! please, do not confuse a user with a drug-dealer. prisons are overpopulated, under funded, and they ARE FOR CRIMINALS! not for someone with a problem who needs help. someone with a gram of cocaine is not necessarily a threat to society so much as a threat to themselves. WE NEED TO HELP THESE PEOPLE! not brush them under the nearest rug. how many of you have had a family member or someone close to you that has battled addiction? how many of you have voted for a public official who has admitted using the stuff? 80% of the people in prison are there because of non-violent (usually drug-related) charges. Instead of sending these people to "criminal college" let's send them to rehab.

Jaime Kenedeño said...

Couldnt agree more with the anonymous @February 19, 2009 11:22 PM

These are non violent offenders but when they exit the "criminal college" they are definitely violent. Kleberg will make all of the dollars it can and then revoke the probation for anything they can use to knock the checker off of the board and start the cycle again. Noel Pena just watch, he will be found to be corrupt and Ernesto Pena as well. Hubert is in with the Cheney Rove faction and if you don't believe me go back and read the article on the Whittington peppering and you will find his close consanguinity in the group. Perry appointed him and Rove suggested it. Kleberg County is one f'd up place to live when you challenge the established power structure. Aint no different than when the Kings Rangers would eradicate the Mexican resistance by killing them. The eavesdropping for personal vendettas, the abuse of power and the Malicious acts to grind the little people into the ground if they dare stand up and challenge Hubert. And dont even think about a letter to the editor.

Jaime Kenedeño said...

Another thing, the 4th amendment in Kleberg County is non existent. "There is always "probable cause"." Drive around there for a couple of days so you can get to know Johnny. That is JOHNNY LAW but in KLEBERG it is a routine traffic stop and probable cause and it isnt to interdict & protect the community it is to interdict and skim to stock up agency coffer. When you talk about little ole Howdy doody dont forget Patricia and Randolph. Nepitism, Mafioso, or Familia RICO Republicano. Boothe is the name of the assassin of Lincoln and Hubert roots take us back to the assassin of Kenedy. How bout the running w?_