Friday, February 6, 2009

Who will replace Hayden Head Jr.? Dist. Judge Bobby Galvan or Dist. Judge Sandra Watts?

As Federal Judge Hayden Head Jr. steps down to retire. District Judge Bobby Galvan and Michael Watts’ mom – District Judge Sandra Watts -- become candidates for the judicial position. Currently among the Obama Administration Galvan’s name is being tossed around as a prospective possibility; however, Sandra Watts might have the advantage via her son’s contributions to the Obama Presidential Campaign.

In addition, a fine point being considered is that Judge Galvan has been a district judge for about two years only and see the Federal post as too overwhelming. Judge Galvan has been a Federal Prosecutor nevertheless in the past.

Judge Sandra Watts might have other points besides her son’s hefty political charity: the endorsement of the other sitting Federal Judge in the region, Federal Judge Janis Jack, who went to law school for her and even babysitted for MiKal Watts when he was known as “baby Mikalito.”

Yet there is a third factor in the formula: ousted-State Representative Juan Garcia’s influence in the matter – a schoolmate of Obama. “Juanito sabe aquien le debe el alma,” an inside source shared.


Anonymous said...

You must not read the big city papers. There was some big articles few days ago about how all the fed judges will be appointed my the democratic congressman. Lloyd doggett and solomon ortiz were named as the two whould would choose.

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