Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anna Maria Jimenez Chosen By Republican Precinct Chairs to be their Candidate for District Attorney

Nueces County, TX -- Last night Anna Maria Jimenez was chose by the majority of the precinct chairs of the Republican Party to be the candidate for Nueces County District Attorney in the special election in November. Jimenez was chosen over James Sales (who has also worked for the District Attorney’s office). The chairs made their decision after listening to the two latter persons overall views and rationale for seeking office. “They were passionate speeches; strongly charged,” an insider reported.

Jimenez, despite the fact that some within the Republican Party and withing the DA's office tried to target her and put her in a negative light, received the support of twenty-six precinct chairs; Sales, sixteen. Jimenez, who was appointed by Governor Rick Perry as an interim a few months ago. However, her “reorganization” of the department did cause a stir. An ex-exployee, Sandra Eastwood, did use alot of her media connections to make Jimenez seem like a RINO (Republican In Name Only). But Ms. Eastwood over did it and thus cloyed the effectiveness of her ruse.

Jimenez was appointed after Carlos Valdez left to work for the City of Corpus Christi.

Jimenez, who has considerable connections to prominent Democratic groups, will run as a Rebpublican Candiate against the Democratic Candidate. She maintains that she is a conservative and a fiscal conservative as well as continue to be tough on crime. Many pragmatic Republicans see her as the elemental "chip" to open a floodgate that will attract upperly mobile and ambitious Latinos with conservative values and ideas into the party.

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