Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today LATINOS/MEXICANS called "THUGS, MURDERERS, and PIMPS" who live in an "ARM-PIT HOLE" -- by Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development's PAM LAGO'S husband -- that is, Jim Lago. Jim Lago transmits his radio talk show via KKTX 1360 AM. His wife, PAM (manager/SPECIAL EVENTS for the CCEDC) is now tagged as being associated with an "anti-LATINO" business environment. Many feel that it would be almost impossible for her to continue in the “tax-payer funded” post. Why?

One of the major goals of the CCREDC is to both maintain and attract businesses and industry to South Texas. One of the CCREDC's international goals is to promote a positive and close-knit relationship with Mexico and Latin-America. CCREDC’s Pam Lago’s salary comes a result of various entities of government in Nueces County (and from contributions from surrounding cities such as Robstown, Kingsville, Alice etc.) as well as from corporations. Ms. Lago’s role is to be the face, voice, and envoy for the region while acting as the manager for CCREDC’s “Special Events.” Her job description requires her to deal both with national and international businesses in the region.

Her husband (who has been described by civil rights groups as having a reputation hardly ever speaking positively of anything associated with Latinos or their culture) spewed out chauvinism and spiteful prejudice and unforgiving generalizations aimed at Latinos and Mexico while attempting to discuss in the air the visit of the noted Mexican President Felipe Calderon to the USA.

Jim Lago added on KKTV Radio this morning: "They (Latinos/Mexicans) are a bunch of THUGS, PIMPS, AND MURDERERS." Yet, his wife's salary -- to iterate -- comes from tax dollars (whom a very large portion are comprised of Latinos) and some from corporate memberships (who have a “strict” policy against ethnic labeling by any of their agents) are tighly linked to this industry. Jim Lago's abhorrent statements have shocked many involved with the tourism and business industry in Corpus Christi and region. A few city councilpersons, port commissioners, and County Commisisoners interviewed feel that Ms. Lago should consider stepping down – or that Governmental entities begin to seriously take steps to halt funding to the CCREDC.

As a Nueces County administrator put it: "Ms. Pam Lago's image, even though she might not share her husband's abbertant view of the world, has poisoned and de-optimized our veracity along with our chances to operate effectively in drawing in and maintaining business, toursism and general commerce.

One of the main guests in Lago’s program this morning was Nueces Commissioner Mike Pusley. During the show, Commissioner Pusley added a caustic reinforcement to Lago's reckless battering at the outset. Pusley opined: "The President of Mexico stood there and bad-mouthed the USA. They (?) come here telling us what to do."

Pusley seemed to have validated the normative code. Lago, immediately after, went on a horrid tangent saying that even ex-President George "Jorge" Bush didn't do anything to stop illegal immigration. “Jorge” – this was used to imply Bush was a “Latino/Mexican” lover. Soon after, Commissioner Pusley seemed to have become a tad paranoid.

It is conjectured that Commisioner Pusley felt Lago's discussion had gone beyond the bounds of civility. Pusley, realizing he was before a live audience, began to trouble-shoot and trying to thin out his previous statements about Latinos/Mexico: "Yeah, my wife and I go to Mexico all the time. They are a great people."

But Lago was already in full throttle, darting ferociously forward: "They have human slaves. They take turns burning over cars. President Obama allows this? They are a THIRD WORLD ARMPIT HOLE. They just come in and talk bad of the United States. These people don't know who they are fooling with. They are fooling with the wrong folks. We have a tendency to shoot back.”

To recap: violence against Mexico and Latinos had been implied – whether it was meant in a vindictive way or not, Pusley’s voice sank as if revealing what was occurring in the citadels of his mind. A huge gaffe and slip-up of great dimensions had been committed. Had Pusley at that moment become an assesory before and after the fact?

Lago added: "We are very generous to them with support (implying, entitlement programs etc.).”

During the show a Latino called in and stated evenly: "You say this about us (Mexicans and Latinos). What would you say if we started giving you the same treatment by calling you names?"

Lago iterated his sentiments: "They are a bunch of thugs, pimps and murderers. As far as Mexico, it is the KIDNAPPING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD."

After the show, this publication communicated with a few officials and heads of businesses involved with the City of Corpus Economic Develepment and its affiliated projects. The response: "Mexican President Calderon has a master's degree in economics and a Master of Public Administration which he earned just ten years ago from the prestigious John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He opposes euthenasia and abortion and gay-marriage. He believes in privitization and an avid proponent of free enterprise - i.e., market control of the economy. It is quite disturbing to have the husband of the person that is directly in charge of 'Special Events’ and 'functions’ directly affecting the changes that we have to reel in new businesss."

Another official interviewed by this publication extended: "Here locally our tourism andd business take in thousands and thousands of dollars annually. If the public continues to get wind of this, we are doomed. We need the head of the county - COUNTY JUDGE LOYD NEAL to ask the CCREDC for Ms. Lago to step down or immedially pull out of having any association with the CCREDC… As for County Commissioner Mike Pusley (being present), he should appologize for the rash statements he also made on the talk program hosted by Jim Lago.”

Buy many officials claim that County Loyd Neal is part of the notorious NETWORK FOR PROFIT connection in Nueces County. “He is about self-service, not public service by being affiliated with the CCREDC. It is a clique of government-business connection. It is about how they can use your tax-dollars to make a profit. The CCREDC has failed even to produce more than one-percent of job growth in the region. It has been a miserable failure; yet they get over a million dollars in funding from the City of Corpus Christi and the Port and the Type A board,” a member of the Type A board shared the insight. He continued: “Calling Latinos here in the U.S.A. or Mexico thugs, pimps, murders, anchor babies has to stop immediately. I personally feel that what Jim Lago did this morning on radio cannot be 'undone'... since his wife is in a 'top' post and funded by our citizens' dollars.’"

Records show that County Judge Loyd Neal in the last few years reactivated an alliance and partnership with the CCREDC, after previous judges such as Richard Borchard and Terry Shamsie had pulled out from it -- realizing the poor grade the CCREDC had in both bringing in or maintaining jobs, businesses and industry. The CCREDC has been dominated by an “elite” group of businessmen and politicians that want seem to want to maintain a monopoly on the contracts of both local government and non-profit entities. Critics charge that the core group of the CCREDC is historically catenated with County Judge Neal since he was mayor of Corpus Christi.


Anonymous said...

Well, she is right, afterall.

Anonymous said...

Lago and his peckerwood white supremacist bands think that people listen to them. The only ones who do are inbred whites like Lago who benefit off a Latino controlled culture down here but want it both ways. We should boycott his station and its owners.

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Racist pig Pusley. He doesn't deserve to serve. He is double dipping.