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Loyd Neal versus Ron Mclain:“Big Government” vs. “Small Government” Factions

The Nueces County Republicans have drawn a line in the sand. The choice is clear: Either CCREDC’s/LOYD NEAL’S BIG GOVERNMENT AGENDAS and PARTNERSHIPS, or RON MCLAIN’S SMALL GOVERNMENT and LIMITED GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION. What are the ideological differences between Loyd Neal (who is referred to as the “Unofficial Chair” of the Republican Party) and Ron McLain (the “Official Chair” of the Republican Party)?

Nueces County, TX – A tumultuous whirlwind hit the Republican Party in Nueces County in the last election. The Republicans elected a “non-Establishment”, Ron Paul-type Libertarian candidate, Ron McLain, as Chairman of the party – defeating Mike Bergsma (the candidate for the “Establishment” Republicans – Bergsma was part of a faction obsessed with the LOYD NEAL NETWORK OF Government-Corporate Partnerships).


Why does the triumph of the “unconventional” candidate, McLain, who was elected chair represent? Is it just a sign of the times or are there practical reasons for this occurance? For one, McLain’s victory mirrors the dissatifaction with the culture of regional “empire-building” by a NETWORK FOR PROFIT – i.e., an elite power group in town that operates pretty much under the radar and has made a cottage industry by using tax-payer dollars – some specialists have said it has made it’s home in the main board of directors in the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation (CCREDC). (To get a glimpse at their website visit http://WWW.CCREDC.COM ) … The McLain-Libertarian Republicans also feel that the “Establishment” Republicans have for the most part kept the masses of conservatives in the area “THINKING BIG (Government/Corporate Partnerships) AND in return GETTING A POOR RETURN – and yawning debt.”

Some McLain supporters have dispelled many a myth flowing around that corporate business employs the majority of the jobs, when in fact it is small business that should be credited for creating over 75% of the jobs that exist in Corpus Christi and the county.

Another factor that many Republicans draw attention to as having voted for the “non-traditional” McLain instead of the “establishment” Bergsma is the perception that the rules that govern how the delegates are chosen to to attend the Republicans Coventions is shady and pre-determined by “insiders.” The latter source added: "Several others and myself participated in this lawsuit because even though we were rightfully elected delegates, we were replaced by ineligible delegates. Bertuzzi made up the list."

A person who was appointed to the RULES COMMITTEE by former chairman Mike Bertuzzi, which is believed to pacify the Ron Paul Republicans, and so as to make it look "inclusive" said: “I got out-voted 5-1. It was a setup. They had decided what the rules were and I was either with them or not. It seems this ‘Establishment’ Republicans will not change until they die.”

Why has this “Establishment” elite with a nexus to Corporate and Bureaucratic Politico agendas that was founded and masterminded in the 1970s by the late Political Boss Hayden Head Sr., a lawyer who never ran for office, be still around? It was both resurrected and institutionalized under the mayoral regime of Loyd Neal for the most part. Why would it not want to remain operating in “smoke-filled back rooms?” “The answer: Financial reasons! The city had become more centralized. The elite machine, once led by Hayden Head Sr., had regrouped and found sly, creative ways of using tax-dollars in the name of the codewords ‘Economic Development’ to both justify and foster its endurance. Neal as mayor was their man to make it happen,” one insider shared. “Neal while as Mayor had spearheaded the effort to hire the CCREDC to decide where business was going to locate as well as be in charge of maintaining existing business and reeling in new business into the area. The majority of the board of directors that sit on the CCREDC were appointed via corporate memberships, the minorities were appointed by the city, port commissioner, and the County Commissioners. Even the city manager would sit on it, but not have a vote, and would educate them on sensitive issues and share fiduciary information yet was not allowed to vote. In short: they would know be privvy to the major insights of the major financial investments and of new industry location. ”

Neal while mayor had, according to his critics such as the Corpus Christi Taxpayers Association, created another “City Council” (but not one elected by the people). Most of the contracts of the city projects would end up in the hands of the For-Profit Corporate entities being represented on the CCREDC .

Neal, who served four terms as Mayor of Corpus Christi (1997-2005), would go on to be the first Republican elected to County Judge in over 140 years (Note: Neal was recruited into the Republican Party because he could bring his Democratic Party connections to rally a victory). He was elected County Judge in the November 2006 General Election and took office January 2nd, 2007.

A McLain supporter insighted: “One has to keep in mind that technocrats who run the city and county or any other government entity are not really loyal to any party. Their overall view is that they can work with any administration despite their political leanings as long as they can be free to accomplish their devious ends. A technocrat is a person that specializes in understanding the system and uses that knowledge not only to help a public official function in his/her role but to manipuate him/her and the sytem to accomplish his/her own ends.”

THE FOE: Why Would the “THINK BIG” (Government) Project sponsored by the CCREDC & the LOYD NEAL NETWORK- FOR- PROFIT be the PROBLEM, the ENEMY for many RON PAUL-TYPE LIBERTARIANS? As a McLain supporter put it: “I think it is clear we are for honoring the principle of decentralism, local rule, private property and minimal bureaucracy.”

The criticism of the CCREDC is that it serves as an engine to promote “Think Big (government)” for the benefit of a clique who controls the board of directors; it is about “promoting bonds and loans and certificates of obligations so they, corporate magnates, have income rolling in perenntially . I have not seen a clear instance of where they brought in outside business to bankroom the projects”. The CCREDC is sort of a “shadow government” (it has been described by insiders who are privvy to this world as sort of a “small military industrial complex” : that is, much like a “hidden” regional government that puppeteers to unwieldy degree the day-in and day-out schema of economic projects by the city council and the County Commisioners and the Port Of Corpus Christi and a few other entities).

“It is a club of rich corporate investors that have teamed up with politicians to corner the socio-economic market. This elite club has ‘inside information’ critical to future of the region – the mayor, the city manager, the Nueces County Judge, Port Commissioners sit on it but are outnumbered by the Corporate membership. This club has been institutionalized and is known as the CORPUS CHRISTI REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION,” a RON MCLAIN-LIBERTARIAN shared his view.

To backtrack: In late 1990s Loyd Neal, who made his living by working for an insurance company,after being elected mayor resurrected the “Think Big” movement. It was nothing more than a new marketing verson of GOVERNMENT-CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS in place. Why? Because he was integrated with a team of political bureaucrats and corporate lobbyists that wanted to maximize their returns. This government-corporate partnership or joint-venture became the motor that was interfacing him with lucratic business.

The Neal Network had been established and served a functional role for Corporate business. It was the one, for the most part, bankrolling him to power to execute an agenda. Before Neal was elected mayor, the Tax-Payer Association (under the leadership of Joe O’Brien) had done a good job in exposing both its “Big Government” and “Big Corporate Interest” agenda. The voters had phased it out into diverse groups in past administrations. Bond dollars to feed this liaison had been closely monitored.

The question being asked by many a Republican now is: Is the NEAL NETWORK a good fit for Reagan Republicans, Paleo Conservatives and the Ron Paul Libertarians? The reoccurring answer: “No! We are about small government and limited government interference and against fascist GOVERNMENT-CORPORATE PARTNERSHIPS.”

Another Libertarian responded: “Neal’s Government-Corporate Partnerships projects such as the American Bank Center, Whataburger Field, and Packery Channel have been a flop. They were funded by tax-payer dollars and not by outside private investment dollars. The tax-payers were enticed by the Neal Network for Profit to support bonds and certificates of obligations (and even cost-overruns made by Neal’s Corporate buddies)… Did you know the Americsan Bank Center is losing over a million dollars annually? NEAL promised net-gains, not major loses.”

Another Libertarian concluded: “There is a world of difference between Neal and McLain. I know Conservative Talk Radio's Jim Lago did bring in his verbal hit team and called us Ron Paul Libertarians both 'infiltrators' and 'radicals' in the party; but consider whom Lago's wife works for - CCREDC; consider the other critics' links to the CCREDC..... I think the line has been drawn in the sand and will be reflected in the upcoming November Election... If Neal is returned to office in November, we will continue to be belittled, but if he is ousted, we will be able to breathe again and hopefully be able to bring back the party to what it originally stood for - small government, free markets, freedom.”

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