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By Extremist Hate Group?


Nueces County, Texas – The Republican Party in the county has a new Republcian Chair – Ron McLain. McLain is associated with the South Texans For Liberty (STFL) group where his wife, Amy McLain, serves as “sub-organizer” of the group. The new Republican chair is an attorney and works for the Thomas J. Henry Law Firm.

Who is both the main organizer and founder of SOUTH TEXANS FOR LIBERTY?

A man by the name of Chuck Burnett (from Corpus Christi, Texas) that sits on the STEERING COMMITTEE of the CORPUS CHRISTI TEA PARY group. SOUTH TEXANS FOR LIBERTY, thus, not only decides on the setting and the “behind-the-scenes” pact of the local core leadership of the TEA PARTY RALLIES, but is also a front group for an extremist organization known as the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (JBS). The JBS is an organization that was founded in the late 1950s by Robert Welsh that opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and was in opposition to the desegregation of public facilities such as restaurants and schools. The John Birch Society has been tagged a HATE GROUP by several enties of Government since its foundation. The late Edgar Hoover, former FBI director investigated it alertly and concluded it was a politically charged “lunatic fringe” and considered it a threat to the nation after it claimed the U.S. Pentagon was a co-conspirator with the Communist Party to install a “New World Order.” Even President Dwight Eisenhower was classified as a “Communist Conspirator” by the JBS. And now that it has been resurrected in Nueces County, Texas. The Southern Poverty Law Center and even Homeland Security has tagged the JBS as a “lunatic fringe” of extremist idiology operating in the confines of U.S. Society with “anti-government” proclivities. The JBS has a history of bankrolling neo-Nazi organizations in many ventures, according to Government documents.

Corpus Christi’s Burnett -- who has a quote on his FACEBOOK PAGE that reads: “The South Will Rise Again To Its Full Glory” -- is trying to resurrect this JBS HATE GROUP. Futhermore, Burnett is the local recruiter and chapter president of the JBS in the region. Why then did he form SOUTH TEXANS FOR LIBERTY? To echo the words of a JBS national member: “The fish are biting!” The Liberty Movement craze has become a perfect vehicle to cloak and to “trojan horse” the JBS – as well as many other extremist organizations and rogue militias. In fact, most SOUTH TEXANS FOR LIBERTY meetings are held at Jason’s Deli in Corpus Christi. Before, during and after the meeting, attendees are encouraged to enroll formally into the JBS. Their pitch/hook? “End the FED” (i.e., the Federal Reserve – it was the JBS founder’s anathema ). The JBS engage in society called "Cell Segregation" (in which new recruits are isolated and subjected to audio/video propaganda so as to isolate them from critical opinions of their format). Once the members agree to John Welch's basic agenda of "End The FED" and precluding a "New World Order", then and only then, they are welcomed into a new rung of acceptance.

But the story gets even more wacky and out of the ordinary: Burnett is also the local chapter president of the CONSTITUTION PARTY OF TEXAS (CPOT), a political third party – the alarming contridiction is that Amy McLain (the FIRST LADY of the Nueces County Republican Party) is his “right hand” (or sub-organizer) - along with Donna McClure. Burnett is the contact person for the JBS and CPOT in Nueces County, San Patricio, Jim Wells and a few others. In fact, Burnett is listed as a candidate for Lietenant Governor of Texas under the (CPOT).

The platform of the CONSTITUTION PARTY OF TEXAS (CPOT) does not differ that much from the John Birch Society’s. The national leader of Constitution Party -- Chuck Baldwin (which appears on Amy McLain's Facebook Page) -- claims the SOUTH was right in the civil war and that the infamous 911 incident was perpetuated by ZIONISTS. Baldwin says his admires Timothy McVey perpetuator of the Oklahoma Bombing and Andrew Joseph Stack, III, who few his small plane into an IRS Federal Building in Texas (because he had a madding grudge with the tax people)... Balwin's son -- Timothy (no pun intended) -- who is an attorney in Florida is preparing a primer/manual on how "patriots" in Texas and other states can legally attempt to separate from the Union.

In short, they (CPOT/JBS) want to do away with the Department of Education (because they perceive it as a socialist institution that has created socio-economic mobility for minorities and other groups they have had qualms and blame them for many of the problems in society). They want to do away with Civil Rights Act of 1964 (when it was first passed the JBS posted billboards and flyers all over the country that read: “IMPEACH EARL WARREN” – who was the Supreme Court Justice that ruled in favor of the act). The JBS in one of ther fliers claimed Justice Warren, by ruling in favor of the Act, was contributing to the “mongrelization of the white race.” Is is about state rights or "thinly veiled" bigotry and against disenfranchasing against certain groups in U.S. Society? - this question has been asked repeatedly.

The Department of Energy, the Federal Reserve, the IRS, membership in the United Nations, “Hate Group” labeling by the government – these are other things they want to phase out. Why? “Because they are part of a NEW WORLD ORDER/GLOBALIST AGENDA.” As one non-STFL Republican put it: "When trying to hold a conversation with them, one does have to spend sometime in 'tin-foil' territory."

To make a long story short. The county has a new Republican Chair – Ron McLain (who he himself and his wife have been mentored by Burnett in socio-political matters). In fact McLain has appointed some of the members of Burnett’s "politically incorrect" network to the committees within the party.

A member of STFL told this publication: "The 'Establishment' Republicans In this county can be summed up in on word: cronyism (pure and simple). Two-Thirds of them are steeple. The only way this party will change completely is when they all die."

Burnett now is on the warpath claiming the NUECES COUNTY REPUBLICAN PARTY is corrupt. He claims to have abundant proof. He is in the process of passing out forms/documents, via his facebook page (and via email and hardcopies), by way of his "minions" to make his point. A few in Republican Party are surrendering to Burnett’s pressure and peculiarities. He is pointing out that many a member in the Republican party that have been appointed to attend conferences and other committees and even as candidates are not “conservative enough” to be in the party. The disparaging term RINO (Republican In Name Only) is used. A whole crazy-quilt of persons have been highlighted in one of his FACEBOOK pages (e.g., SOUTH TEXANS FOR LIBERTY).

He claims he is not a ‘wild-eye” conspirator nor a racist. Yet his savage criticism and inane conspiratorial plots have disenchanted many a Latino/Latina (and other more balanced and urbane members of the Republican Party). Two Latinas – Anna Maria Jimenez (who was appointed as interim District Attorney by the Governor in mid-March of this year) and Angelica Hernandez (who is a canidate running for District Judge against incumbent democrat Judge Manuel Banales) – have been targeted via the STFL’s “Negative Document Release” strategy.

In the last few weeks negative documents were released to the media in reference to Interim District Attorney Jimenez by disenchanted Caucasian females who worked in the District Attorney’s Office. Ms. Jimenez, who started working for the DA’s Office three years ago, was appointed to the top post after Carlos Valdez left to work for the City of Corpus Christi. Before that juncture, Valdez seemed to have provided a blanket of security, pitching the catchphrase: “Your day will come” to the staff.

But once Jimenez was placed as “interim” the “cold reality” set in and spread to the various tiers of the organization. Sandra Eastwood, a disgruntled employee (who had been working alongside Jimenez prosecuting child molestation cases), suddenly clashed with the “interim” DA and henceforth was demoted/fired: it gets exceedingly bewildering. Ms. Eastwood appeared in various conservative radio talk shows and even used her other media contacts to basically label the new Latina Interim District Attorney as being inexperienced and having a low threshold of tolerance and ethical fiber, inferring Jimenez is a token head. Ms. Eastwood made it seem (especially in conservative Talk Radio) as if she was the victim of the RINOization and multi-culturalization and the Browning of the Republican Party. Such accusations disconcerted many established Republicans.

Hitherto, even the Corpus Christi Caller-Times ran a story based on gossip and innuendo; it’s headline read: ““DA launches investigation, fires prosecutor”. Yet no one media entity pointed out the bona fide reasons and even hinted at the extensive documentation that existed on Ms. Eastwood. Even during Valdez’ tenure (while trying the Benjamin Curcuru Case dealing with sexual assault of a child), she ran into difficulties – why? Ms. Eastwood was dating, at the time, a convicted child molestor. She had also been accused by an expert witness in court and also by the attorney for Mr. Curcuru of attempting to try the case before the media first. And the prevaling mood did not change when Ms. Jimenez was installed as DA.

Other events have been set in motion. Former Chief Prosecutor Gail Gleimer Loeb and forfeiture case Prosecutor Jason M. Jett have both resigned in view of the fact that Jimenez announced a reorganization at the DA’s Office. Loeb, also a disgruntled employee, who worked there for almost 18 years, resigned instead of taking a re-assignment. Ms. Loeb’s pay was cut by one-fourth. A chain reaction had been set in motion charged with all the bitterness of an intradepartmental miff. Various accusations were hurled back and forth from contending parties. Even Mark Skurka, who is running for the post as a Democrat in November, was demoted from his post as Chief Prosecutor.

Some of the core squad of South Texans for Liberty (STFL) are too radicalized and have been urged to contact Texas Governor Rick Perry (or to contact their precinct chair to get in touch with the the governor) to replace Ms. Jimenez with a quote “non-Rino” – e.g., James Sales. “Who is more in sink with our beliefs and values” – as one STFL member wrote on his social media/internet page. "Didn't his ex-wife accuse Sales of sexual deviancy and moral impropriety some years back? Or was that matter fully resolved?" -- a non-STFL member countered.

Despite the tug-of-war, some of the traditional non-STFL mainstream Republicans have affirmed to El Defenzor that Jimenez will bring is the elemental “chip” that the Republican Party needs in the county to boost it’s numbers with incoming ambitious Latinos. County Commissioner Mike Pusley has been supportive of Jimenez’ reorganization. Even Latinos within the Repubican Party have pointed out that such disagreements arise with any “reorganization” of any office. One stated: “If a Caucasian female would have been appointed interim District Attorney, many a Latina might have been up in arms. It is the nature of the staff of such an office to feel betrayed especially if they have been demoted or superceded by someone else. One feels like an old razor blade being replaced. 'Suck it up!' - this I state daily to show we all have to experience growing pains and hardship.”

But other members of the STFL have launched a new-fangled campaign to prove there are other RINOS. The target: Angelica Hernandez (a Latina candidate for District Judge). Documents are being put out by this radicalized wing of the Republican Party sneering at the values of Ms. Hernandez. A check for insufficient funds that Ms. Hernandez wrote back when she was in law school is being passed around. Memebers of STFL are also pointing out that Ms. Hernandez ran as a Democrat for a similar office a few years past.

Ms. Hernandez has described herself as a conservative without fail: even when she was a Democrat. She is pro-family and a fiscal conservative. She has earned the respect of many regional top and time-honored Republicans of the region such as Mike Scott and others. Ms. Hernandez told this publication: "I should not be judged by one transgression in my life - Some can subject me to many indignities, but the Lord above knows I am on the path of righteousness."

It seems to be an identifiable phase, a phase of an interlude of shift and undulation and conflict-resolution for the Republican Party in the region. The more the pragmatists want the party to endure (and be able to talk about its historic tenures), the more it has to be representative of the demographics. Jimenez and Hernandez – these two Latinas are perceived as envoys of a new chapter by the realists within the Republican Party; however, the ebb and flow of a consistent schema by the party has been disrupted by what some well-known and long-standing Republicans call “STFL radical infiltrators”. “STFL Radical infiltrators” that call Governor Perry and National Figure, Sarah Palan, “Globalists” who are promoting a “New World Order.” As one long-standing Republican called: “STFL John Bircher-type radicals who cannot stand seeing an ethnic minority as President or in any other office.”

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