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Chuck Burnett founded South Texans For Liberty (operating out of Corpus Christi). He also sits in the Corpus Christi Tea Party Steering Committee along with organizer Donna McClure (a nurse who has a banner on her FACEBOOK page that states: “Be nice to nurses or we might let the doctors kill you.” The question has been asked by Latinos: "What if you don't share her anti-Government beliefs or anti-Immigration policty?"

SOUTH TEXANS FOR LIBERTY (STFL) meets on a regular basis at JASON’S DELI in Corpus Christi. It is a recruiting ground for the HATE GROUP known as the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY of which Chuck Burnett is the Chapter President and main recruiter. At their meeting at STFL, Burnett actively sets a systematic sect-like agenda. He usually follows the John Birch / Constitutional Party agendas of conditioning. According to sources that attend the functions, he explains that there is an evil NEW WORLD ORDER or NWO for short (that is, a global elite agenda of rich folks who have been selectively chosen - note: of course, he determines who is evil and who is not) trying to control the world. At times his conspiratorial charges seem to travel beyond the pale of social acceptance of the memberhsip. For instance, Governor Rick Perry is identified as one of these “globalists”, and he even adds “Sarah Palin” to the list for endorsing Perry and for her stand on the Patriot Act. "Communist," "Socialist," Pro-Communist," "Subversive," "Un-American," "Anti-American," "Traitor" -- how many are labels he uses regularly to demonize those that do not cater to his myopic, conspiratorial-based belief structure. As one member told me: "He told be to be careful with the fluoride in the water. He has learned (I don't know from who) that it is a form of mind control by the Globalists. This I couldn't swallow."

The Burnett–led movement in Corpus Christi reflects his associations with both the "lunatic fringe" of the John Birch Society and the Constitution Party of Texas – he is a chapter president of these two organizations. He has a hunger for self-importance (according to one that orbits his burg). He clamors (as Robert Welch once did) that the U.S. Constitution has been stepped on and the U.S. needs to do away with the Department of Education. Why? Some critics of the Burnett movement claim it has racialist motives stemming from Robert Welch's days. This view point perceives public education as a multicultural monstrosity created by the Federal Government, and it puts forth a underlying animosity against modernization and egalitarian values – that is, the latent qualm is that education has served as a form of the socio-occupational mobility for ethnic minorities. “The Feds have no business being in the business of Education” – this is one of his mantras. Burnett claims he is no racist; he just want to thin Government by putting it on a JBS diet.

Adhering to the tenets of both the Constitution Party of Texas and the platform of the John Birch Society, he also calls for doing away with the FEDERAL RESERVE (clearly mimicking the offical position espoused by the website JBS.ORG) – again, he attributes the failure of the FEDERAL RESERVE and NATO to a GLOBALIST agenda.

There is also Amy McLain of Corpus Christi, wife to Ron McLain (Ron, an attorney who works with the Thomas J. Henry Law Firm, was recently elected as Nueces County Republican Chair). She has been a passionate supporter and member of Burnett-sponsored causes with the South Texans For Liberty, an organization that "inside" informants describe as a transitional organization into the HATE GROUP known as the John Birch Society. Ron is a fan of Texans for Liberty (check out the FACEBOOK page: Texans For Liberty.).

When Homer Villarreal, founder of El Defenzor Newspaper started an investigation (a few weeks ago) into charges that the core leadership of the CORPUS CHRISTI TEA PARTY had links to HATE GROUPS, i.e., JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY and other anti-Government organizations, Ms. Amy McLain (to iterate, she is the wife of the Nueces County Republican Chair) immediately went on the “warpath” accusing El Defenzor’s Villarreal of deception and of false-identity schemes on FACEBOOK without one shred of evidence. She made these statements in a FACEBOOK PAGE created by some JOHN BIRCHERS/CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY adherents. A FACEBOOK PAGE that has been copied after being requested by several entities. Soon after, Mr. Villarreal’s life was threatened as well as that of his family. Some long time activists of the Republican Party are critical of Ms. McLain for being more concerned about defending Chuck Burnett’s “standoffish political pet projects” – i.e., Burnett is the Chapter President of the HATE GROUP known as the John Birch Society. In addition, it has been unearthed that Burnett has also announced as a THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE with the Constitution Party of Texas (which has a highly controversial anti-government platform resembling JBS's). “How could Ms. McLain be more concerned about helping a HATE GROUP than about the concerns of the Nueces County Republican Party of which her husband is the chair?” – this question was repeated asked by some main stream Republicans.

It appears that Burnett has been her political-ideological mentor for a while. Amy is not only a member of SOUTH TEXANS FOR LIBERTY but also a dedicated side-kick and trouble-shooter for Burnett's undertakings. He claims that the late U.S. President Eisenhower was a “communist sympathizer”, and also who believes that Radio/TV Talk Show Glen Beck is an "idiot" who is trying to hijack the Tea Parties and the Patriot movements for the GLOBAL AGENDA ESTABLISHMENT. Some of the the Tea Party members consider Burnett's position as bizarre. He has stated repeatedly that he only favors "Ron Paul-endorsed Tea Parties" (of which he has a monopoly int he region).

The CONSTITUTION PARTY website is very clear about it’s partisan position. It criticizes Sarah Palin: “The GOP rock star, Sarah Palin, said: ‘The Tea Party needs to make a choice between an “‘R’” or a “‘D’”. Palin rightly points out that the Tea Party is not a Political party and cannot run candidates, but she is wrong to say there are only two choices because there is another choice: The Constitution Party. The Constitution Party platform fits the Tea Party like a glove … To say we have to pick between two incompetent choices is absolute lunacy…They need to vote in The Constitution Party.”

The same website adds: “If Palin was a true tea party patriot, she would not be asking us to choose between a Marxist party and a Fascist party. She would be leading her followers to a truly American party. . . . . The Constitution Party.”

The above party is the one that Burnett is involved with, and Ms. McLain (the FIRST LADY of the Nueces County Republican party) is acting as his sidekick and troubleshooter. A website,, reports that Chuck Burnett had enrolled as a candidate (pending signatures) for Lieutenant Governor with the CONSTITUTION PARTY OF TEXAS (which is trying to establish itself as a viable third Party). This “lunatic-fringe” party (as referred to by the Southern Poverty Law Center) was organized in Texas in 1996 under the “U.S. Taxpayer’s Party.” The party in order to appear in the November ballot must gather 43,992 signatures of registered voters who abstained from voting in any other Party Primary election in 2010 according to Texas law. The ballot access petitions must be signed between March 10 and May 24 – the office of the Texas Secretary of State must validate them… The question being asked by some key Republicans in Nueces County is: “Is Amy McLain pushing for a Third Party to win instead of the regional Republican Party?” Then again, Burnett’s visions of grandeur in the political arena might not materialize if the signatures are not gathered on time. Yet a puzzling question remains: Why would the “First Lady” of the Republican Party of Nueces County be part of a Third Party Movement? This will be explored in subsequent articles.

WHAT IS MORE DISTURBING to the TEA PARTY/CHUCK BURNETT-network core leadership is not so much that they are being linked to the “lunatic fringe” and “hate elements” in the immediate socio-political reality, but the fact that Burnett and others are working assiduously to destabilize the Republican Party in Texas by chipping away at it. He is furtively forming a separatist camp (while they toil daily putting together a viable, working-THIRD PARTY -- to reiterate, the CONSTITUTION PARTY of TEXAS (the latter is a state chapter of a national one). Even a new local group known as the AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONALISTS led by Mark Blankenship, a group that has supporters like outspoken businessman Harold Koclanes (seems to function as a front group for the Constitution Party – it has the same logo as the latter). This same model is being used nationwide to practically force the “mainstream” Republican Party to allow them (e.g., John Birch Society, American Constitution Party and the likes of the White Nationalist groups such as the Council of Conservative Citizens) to negotiate a legitimate spot in the nation’s party that would bestow upon them an air of mainstream legitimacy. (Note: This can be glimpsed at when mainstream Republican organizations co-sponsor events with the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY and the COUNCIL OF CONSERVATIVE CITIZENS -- these are two known HATE GROUPS).

Zooming back to Texas. If they are able to marshal their THIRD PARTY ruse and able to run their “anti-establishment” conservative candidates via this medium, it will greatly divide and devastate the Republican Party stronghold in certain areas of the state such as Nueces County. Experts believe it will enhance the chances for Democrats to win for office more effortlessly. “How is this so?” – some have asked. “What proof exists?” Well, in Nueces County Ron McLain (who is affiliated with the anti-establishment Burnett-network) was recently elected chairman of the Republican Party. Ron defeated Mike Bergsma who was tagged the “Establishment” candidate. Some top Republicans felt Bergsma would be a "shoe-in."

Others claim Ron McLain’s political war chest was filled by downtown lawyers (i.e., mostly ideologically oriented-Democrats such as Thomas J. Henry) that want to suppress the anti-tort reform groups such as CITIZENS AGAINST LAWSUIT ABUSE and TEXANS FOR TORT REFORM.

Despite Ron McLain is an attorney who works for the Thomas J. Henry Law Firm. Upon taking his seat as chair of the regional Republican Party, he realized that change would not be instituted speedily. The “establishment” has a stronghold within the structure, despite the impression management and despite the fact that the representative “face” has changed.

Ms. Amy McLain (Ron’s wife) and her influential mentor -- Burnett (and his cabal of "wild bullet" extremists) -- are irate due to the above. They are upset at the “staus quo” members of the Nueces County Republican Party. The core leadership of the Tea Party/Burnett-Network has compared them to stigmatized “establishment-Globalists” Republicans such as Governor Rick Party at the state level and Sarah Palin at the national level). “The New World Order Puppeteers” – this is just one of the many unfriendly labels used to describe the latter.

Recently the Republican Party in Nueces County held their conference – a conference that was controlled by the likes of the “Establishment” Republicans such as County Judge Loyd Neal (whom some "insiders" tagged the “unofficial voice” of the Republican Party (to taunt the Ron McLain tenure); while the Burnett-network refers to Neal and others as “Our local Globalists”). At the cited convention the tension was so high that one could almost “cut it with a razor blade” -- reported a few sources. One lady said: “I was appointed to one of the committees by Chairman Ron McLain: every recommendation that I made was shot down by the ‘Establishment’ Republicans). It was so embarrassing to me personally to be treated in such a callous manner. I wanted out of the conference the first chance I had, and I did precisely that, exit the room as soon as I had done my part.”

Records obtained by El Defenzor Newspaper from both “inside sources” and other public ones indicate that some involved core leaders affiliated with the TEA PARTY/Burnett-network have had behind closed-doors meetings with State Representative Solomon P. Ortiz Jr., a Democrat-Corpus Christi.

Keep in mind that some of these are prominent members within the Republican Party, and are now re-identifying themselves as “Conservative-Independents” (instead of “Republican-Independents"). There is an elephantine difference between the two labels in reference to their future outlook for the “Conservative movement.” This has been repeatedly pointed out by Howard Koclanes, a part-time conservative radio commentator who is affiliated with both the TEA PARTY and American Constitutionalists movement.

What would the motivation be for such prominent rogue Republicans and members of the Burnett-Network to tiptoe out together and sneakily lobby with a hardcore, progressive Democrat such as State Representative Ortiz, Jr.? It is an act that some loyal, respected Republicans (who have become privvy to this information) have labeled "an underhanded, treacherous act."

” The reason for the “closed door” meeting with Ortiz Jr.? To ask for his help in passing legislation that would expedite their “THIRD PARTY” cause (e.g., CONSTITUTION PARTY OF TEXAS) to occur summarily.

"Why did these folks turn to Ortiz Jr., instead of a Republican representative?" -- one question being asked. “It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. No respectable Republican, if conscious of this stratagem, will want his party to be undermined by a sedition-type faction within his camp. I don’t know if this is directly linked with the Attorney Thomas J. Henry factor (a democrat and law partner of the chair) who earned some respect among Republicans when he worked with conservatives to try and nail Mauricio Celis for not having a license to practice law in the state of Texas. Was this a major variable why Attorney Henry’s law partner (Ron McLain) was trojan-horsed into becoming the Republican chair? I sense we have been duped,” one local Republican activist vociferated.

Chuck Burnett admits to the above in a note he posted on the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY site (JBS.ORG) and a few other sites he frequents to satisfy his narcissistic urges. Burnett writes:

“But we currently have a solution to the problem. Enter Solomon Ortiz, Jr ; one of our state representatives from Corpus Christi. Representative Ortiz agreed that the present system was less than ideal. He and his staff worked to come up with a much less restrictive hurdle. The Bill that Representative Ortiz has sponsored is HB 820 This Bill would lower the requirement of 60,000 or so signatures; to 500. That is a huge change although still more restrictive than things were fifty years ago. Here is the Bill: -- I am going to guess that Representative Ortiz will get some flack from some of his fellow members up in the House.” Burnett adds: “But I am also going to guess that most of it will be behind closed doors; not in the light of day. This Bill may not be appreciated by all because of partisan politics. But it will be appreciated by all that love liberty and freedom. It will be extolled by the statesmen of our day. Those that love freedom can be bold in promoting this bill. Those that oppose it should be ashamed of themselves. This is a very good Bill.”

As the layers of this corner are being pulled aside daily by the investigation of El Defenzor, a disturbing sketch is being revealed. Burnett’s ties to the national AMERICAN CONSTITUTION PARTY are very disconcerting. For instance, the presidential candidate for the CONSTITUTION PARTY (at the National Level) is an anti-government fanatic by the name of Chuck Balwin, 57. He calls the late Civil Rights Leader, Rev. Martin Luther King, an apostate (a communist traitor). In 2000, Balwin declared that the Bush-Cheney ticket was “too liberal.”

Balwin publishes columns that are archived on, a racist website that regularly bashes Latinos and immigrants. His anti-government rhetoric has set off an alarm even with the FBI who has a meticulous file on him.

He is so extreme to the point that he sympathizes with Joe Stack -- the tax protester who flew a plane into an IRS office. Balwin He believes the South was right in the Civil War. Not too long ago, the Southern Poverty Law Center listed a detailed list of the top ten most dangerous anti-government "patriotic groups" in the nation. Balwin ranked number one.

As for Corpus Christi’s Chuck Burnett, he has openly taken similar ideological positions as Balwin's. Burnett claims that 9/11 was an “inside job” and recommends his followers to read CROSSING THE RUBICON and adds: “You will know this guy was on track.”

Burnett has gone as far as to have posted a statement on one of his FACEBOOK pages that reads: “The South Will Rise Again To Its Full Glory.” The later slogan was a popular catchphrase used by the Ku Klux Klan. Burnett is the Chapter President (as mentioned) of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (and founder of SOUTH TEXANS FOR LIBERTY). Many a scholar have asked, "what are the major distinctions between the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY (JBS) and the Ku Klux Klan?" – some jesting refer to the former as the “Uptown KKK who does not wear the robe”. But seriously, the JBS was founded by John Welch during the “Red Scare” of the 1950s. The JBS opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and even targeted Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren with billboards and flyers and commericials all over the nation for ruling in favor of it. The JBS said he was contributing to the “MONGRELIZATION OF THE WHITE RACE.”

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