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Editorial: THE NEAL-SCOTT NETWORK FOR PROFIT helps architect BRIDGE CORPUS CHRISTI (a frontgroup for the power elite) and also take over the LEADERSHIP CORPUS CHRITI project (at the Chamber of Commerce)

Nueces County/Corpus Christi, TX -- There are several projects which the NEAL-SCOTT NETWORK has benefitted both financially and personally. These projects are cloaked under the guise of GOVERNMENT-CORPORATE BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS (and the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corporation (CCREDC) is more often than not involved). Their fingerprints are everywhere -- from the City of Corpus Christi to the Del Mar Board College of Regeants to the Del Mar Foundation to the Chamber of Commerce to the Regional Transit Authority to Nueces County – they have left their uninviting blotch.

The CORPUS CHRISI REGIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION (CCREDC) working adamantly close with the NEAL-SCOTT NEWORK are creating a front group-type of organization known as “BRIDGE CORPUS CHRISTI.” This stack-horsing ruse -- “ BRIDGE CORPUS CHIRSTI” -- is a new project masterminded by the CCEDC group with the assistance of the NEAL-SCOTT NETWORK. It’s unwritten role is to fundamentally advocate and lobby for "THINK BIG BUSINESS" PROJECTS being pushed by CCREDC and the NEAL-SCOTT NETWORK in the region. Who do you think will sit on the board? It does not take a genius to figure out that one …. COUNTY JUDGE LOYD Neal and friends.

But at the moment there is one other organization that deserves immediate attention. This new development has gone unnoticed -- the TAKE-OVER of the LEADERSHIP CORPUS CHRISTI program by the Neal-Scott NETWORK. Let's get specific.

To train visionary leaders for higher level leadership roles in the community” – this is the main “written” objective of LEADERSHIP CORPUS CHRISTI, but this intent has been lost. This organization now has an “unwritten” objective -- ? (We will let you fill in the blank at the end of this report).

The Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce now has placed this highly esteemed program (to iterate, known as LEADERSHIP CORPUS CHRISTI) in the hands of bad role models and an organized self-serving power clique. The new President & CEO of the Chamber, Foster Edwards, has irresponsiblty given in to the pressure of the NEAL-SCOTT NETWORK faction. THE PROOF: Both the close business associates and friends suggested by the SCOTTS to sit on the committee of LEADERSHIP CORPUS CHRISTI have been appointed (Carol Scott’s business-partner Debbie Wingfield – of KAILO COMMUNICATION; James Duerr – Carol Scott’s former business partner and intimate friend & failed candidate for U.S. Representative; Scott Elliff – Superintendent of CCISD – who Carol Scott while as chairman of the CCISD Board of Trustees was instrumental in hiring him at the top post at CCISD; and a few others).; the latter members appointed comprise the majority on the board. One of the members appointed to the committee (who was in the minority) resigned in protest and voiced him disapproval to Chamber President Edwards: “I am resigning from the board of LEADERSHIP CORPUS CHRISTI because I feel that Mark/Carol Scott are not good examples of what business leadership should be in this community. They’ve made a living of our tax-dollars and have made a cottage industry of it.”

“Leadership Corpus Christi supposedly coaches the membership to be the future leaders of the city and the region. To have the SCOTTS (who have a mucky reputation in business-government dealings) as the major influence or model for Leadership Corpus Christi is an injurious precedent,” another insider stated. “I shared my concern also with Chamber President Edwards – but I could tell that this NETWORK has him cornered. If he doesn’t go along, he will not be around (in his administrative post) to play along.”

To back track. Before Edwards was appointed Chamber President, Terry Carter headed the organization. However, when he decided to return to the initial aims of the organization of helping small business stay afloat and additionally giving them a responsible voice, he was ostracized. He also emphasized that the self-serving portly deals by a few insiders of this cited canoonery within the organization needed to be meat-axed without delay. There was a backlash within the chamber. Carter was targeted by the Loyd Neal-Scott Network.

Carter soon after filed a lawsuit in March 2008 against the chamber, current and several former board members, the Caller-Times and others claiming they circulated bogus statements about him and the chamber’s finances during his occupancy. He further claimed those actions were taken by a NETWORK to cause him to lose his position with the chamber. Carol Scott, was a primary variable, who led the charge to have a walkout of prominent corporate members from the chamber – which caused extended damage to the organization. It is still trying to recover from it. It seems absurd to have LEADERSHIP CORPUS CHRISTI modeled and influenced by this self-serving political couple.

Carter filed a lawsuit in March 2008 against the chamber, current and several former board members, the Caller-Times and others claiming they disseminated false statements about him and the chamber’s finances during his tenure. He further claims those actions caused him to lose his employment with the chamber.

To return to the core of the matter. A local poltiical observer injected: “Leadership Corpus Christi being taken over by the NEAL-SCOTT NETWORK sends the wrong message to the community at this phase. The overall business culture of the community is one more in tune with the norms of fiscal responsibility and small government and one that is demanding less government-corporate relationships. This couple has made a living exploiting their public posts for personal gain… To amplify my point: It is like putting a child molester in charge of a daycare facility.”

Carol Scott, as mentioned, serves on the Corpus Christi School Board of Trusees and represents Las Brisas Energy as their representative face. She has also used her post at CCISD as a school board member to take positions in favor of Las Brias. CCISD's buses and resources have been used in the TV commercials and marketing projects her company -- KAILO -- has put together. Ethically she cannot exploit the use of her public office and resources in such a manner - it violates the code of her post. As for her Carol’s husband, Mark Scott, who sits in the city council, recently voted to support Las Brisas Energy project – which many in the council and community perceived as a clear conflict of interest; however, he did get newly appointed city attorney, Carlos Valdez, provided him with a quasi-legal basis for his actions.

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