Thursday, July 30, 2009


Banales has chosen to open up and speak with the media. Is, as many lawyers are suggesting, this a violation the Canon of Judicial Ethics?
Did Judge Banales talking with Joseph Ramirez on radio violate those same ethics that judges are questioning. Reportedly on JOseph Ramirez' show on MAGIC 104.9 FM, the judge bared his soul and raged against those that would cross him. Can a judge do this? Does anyone have a recording of this show in order to get permission from the Lopez family broadcasting to be able to load it up on this site.
Reportedly, County Commissioners court sources indicate that Judge Banales gave a scathing review and also blasted the Court of Appeals Judges and Judge Sturn for stating he was improper in some way.

El Defenzor welcomes Judge Banales to provide his side of the story. El Defenzor also welcomes Joseph Ramirez to provide his input to me personally. Please call 387.6216


NO GARD said...

Let's see here - Ramirez is related to Lencho Rendon; so how biased was that show in which Banales participated and was more than insulting to other elected officials, using words such as liars, ignorant and selfish. What does this say about the character of an appointed judge and elected official? LOTS! He is a pathetic crybaby!

How many times did you see or have you seen Hillary or Bill going on the airwaves defending the "actions or inactions" of the other? NEVER! If you are going to play on the political field, as his "wife" did, then she should be the one on the airwaves "defending" her name, not her spouse. I believe he is abusing his judicial authority by going on the air using JUDGE Manuel Banales as his title. Which, is foremost his role in society. If he said, I am here as the husband of Peggy Banales or I am here as Judge Manuel Banales to discuss the issues related to County Commissioner Banales. He and Peggy are obviously unable to separate the two roles they have/had in the area.

I am sure the AG might want to weigh in on Banales behavior on air and possibly even Supreme Court Justices might want to know what this representative of the judicial system is saying and of his poor conduct. He is an embarrassment to all in the judicial capacity.

He also, on the Lago show, admitted to being at polling stations on Election Day 2008 and "meeting and greeting" voters at the door. Which is a DIRECT VIOLATION of the TJCC and is in violation of election policies. He was ultimately asked to leave ONCE by the precinct judge and then asked AGAIN to leave (under the threat of arrest/escort by the law enforcement) by the Election Judge. He is, according to the TJCC Canons, not allowed to have his name used in any endorsement of a political candidate, nor is he to publicly endorse a candidate. However, he was witnessed by SEVERAL during the Nueces County Junior Livesock Show Parade of 2008 wearing a Peggy Banales Shirt and holding a campaign sign and waving it to the passerbys. He was also at several community events in the NW area pushing her as a candidate - Taste of Northwest, TM Fall Festival, and many others.

He obviously is not of the opinion his actions are questionable, at best. I guess once you hit the judge pedestal, you are above the legal and ethical boundaries of the judicial system. That is why he didn't recuse himself from the Celis case - too full of himself!

Anonymous said...

I think Banales is such a fake. He got on the radio, but they didn't accept callers. I don't know about the judicial ethics stuff, but I know that he gave his version of events and then wouldn't answer questions about it from callers. And Joseph Ramirez, Lencho "right hand man of Solomon Ortiz" Rendon's family member just let him talk or should I say whine. If it wasn't apparent before it is now that Solomon Ortiz is backing Banales. Why? Well just look at the money. Celis and his wife contributed almost ten thousand dollars to Solomon Ortiz. We also know they gave to Solomon Ortiz, Jr. Guess they share a common goal...getting Celis cleared. SAD!!!