Sunday, July 19, 2009

Robstown soldier: James Andrew Gonzalez is missing… Family Claims He Was Kidnapped

Robstown, Texas -- James Andrew Gonzalez, a Robstown soldier stationed at Fort Hood, has been missing since last Sunday night after a jaunt to Laredo. His brother J. C. Gonzalez has stated that he is very worried at this point in that his missing brother is not answering the his cell phone. “It goes directly to voice answering machine… I am worried that this is a very serious, serious matter”.

J.C. also did divulge both Army officials and even the FBI has been in contact with the family. At firsty the Gonzalez family believed he had not reported to duty on time (that is Monday; now the family has appended that a representative from the Waco FBI office claim they received a phone call that James Andrew (24-years-old) has been abducted. The FBI claims the kidnappers have demanded $100,000 as ransom and that a major political move be taken by the government immediately to removed troops from the border.

James Andrew’s mom -- Rose Gonzalez -- said her son had been in the army for about a year and was doing satisfactory. J.C., his brother concluded: “I ask the public to keep our brother in their prayers… I hope they find; he is too young. I hope the FBI gets responsibly involved and maybe things will change for the better. This is just awful.”


Anonymous said...

Maybe he is on a mission?

Anonymous said...

yeah, missing, I knew it, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, scam artists. No wonder that Robstown gets a bad rep when you have caga palos like this guy.

Anonymous said...

Is J.C. out of jail?

Anonymous said...

Are they related to Joseph Ramirez? Probably.