Saturday, July 4, 2009


Click here to see her announcement as Judge in late June 2009 SALDANA CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCEMENT:



It is Poltical War!
Marisela Saldana Announced her run for Judge in the 148th District Court. She has also made the local talkshow circuit and was seen by many last nite interviewed on KTMV quoted as talking tough about anyone running against her that she will fight for her seat. She categorized the attacks on her record by past opponents regarding her record of being tardy and keeping jurors waiting as nasty and inaccurate. Saldana has gone hi tech as well and can be seen on interviews and political announcements. Saldana is in her 16th year on the bench. Challengers are perhaps David Stith a young lawyer in town running on the Republican ticket and it has yet to be confirmed that Guy Williams will also run. Last election Guy came close but was not successful( Judge Jose Longoria referred to him as the perennial candidate when he challenged him unsuccessfully). Marisela has come out early and come out strong as has Tom Greenwell to scare off any candidates. Marisela is known as a tough competitor and a former social worker and lawyer. Many have tried to topple her from her Court 3 seat and now her seat on the 148th district court. Marisela is only the 3rd female judge in Nueces County (Haas and Tegle were the 1st and 2nd). The Guy Williams and Saldana war looks like it is going to start up again.

Tom Greenwell had several fundraisers last week. As the only Republican Judge will someone throw in their hat against him???. Last election he bested Robert Zamora and is categorized by most attorneys as hardworking and smart. Will the bad taste many have in their mouth with the Republicans and the last 8 years hurt him? Will his relationship with the Scotts also be damaging?. Mike Scott apparently is pushing hard for him and trying to recruit loyal democratic women and hispanic males to run as Republicans (HIS WIFE was trounced by Abel Herrero who many say is unbeatable after having to endure the Scott mudslinging and dirty campaigning and attempts to report him to federal and state agencies for false home health violations which proved groundless). Many of the Republicans are reportedly playing the same old record of party line exclusion of minorities unless expedient, haters of anything that is inclusive and even in these economic times raging against "Obama" whom they apparently can't acknowledge as president. Nevertheless, Greenwell is viewed as a topnotch judge by many and although swept in by Republicans has been reportedly fair to all. Many moderate Republicans have grown weary of the white supremacist and intolerant views of the Republicans locally and nationally. How many times must we endure Karl Rove on FOXX attempt to explain how his administration he controlled through Bush cause us to lose so much freedom, lives, and rights and smear the United States' good reputation around the world through human rights violations and torture? It's a brave new world Mike Scott. No amount of mudslinging and attacking Abel's wife will fix that. But i digress...

With Barack Obama in the Whitehouse but Republicans controlling Texas what will happen to local races? The Republicans perhaps should lay low here locally but with the Solomon -Neal debacle over Ingleside there is strife already, promising for a perfect storm in politics.


Anonymous said...

Yes, anyone taking on Saldana better get ready for a fight. Well-funded and an experienced campaigner. She has many lawyers writing big checks on the Republican and Democrat sides. Greenwell looks solid unless they bring out dirt on him.

Anonymous said...

Good for Saldana. She deserves to stay up there her full 20 years unlike Manuel Maximum Asshole Banales.

Anonymous said...

Saldana being up for a fight. Just make sure it isn't scheduled before ten a.m., otherwise, she will be a no show! I can guarantee the people who think she deserves another term do not visit her courtroom very often.