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MAXIMUM MANUEL finished for consideration on Federal Bench yet threatens Tom Greenwell and REpublican Party if he catches an opponent and says that if he does Judge Greenwell will receive one also. Is he still bullet proof or is it political curtains for Manuelito?? Manuels Pic says: " Yes, I've been passed over twice like a village idiot, y que?
Fil Vela's picture says:" I promise I was sightseeing in Washington"

Is Greenwell and the Republican Party tired of the schoolyard bully Maximum Manuel along with everyone else?

For November who will assume the place of U.S. District Judge Hayden Head, Jr?

Althought the Caller Times is now notorious for censorship of comments and has banned me permanently (apparently) for speaking the truth about Manuel Banales, Albert Huerta, and others like Watts who own Patrick Birminham, I wanted to comment on a story they ran and give the opinons of anonymous insiders to their story: These opinions are summarized after the individuals name and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Homero Villarreal or El Defenzor:

They have noted there is a slate of potential candidates: Here is what some anonymous lawyers, politicians and judges say:

Robert Galvan: Former Asst US Atty, Assistant D.A. and now District Judge in the 94th. Qualified but some whisper his ties to Watts and Watts push for he or his mother despite his words to the contrary are too heavy handed as always. Strangely, Watts spouts that he is now with Obama when it was rumored he was always with HIlary. Oh well, in the political world one must be a camelion. Watts ties to Celis have forced him underground and cost him any chance he had for a senate seat. Will Galvan be painted with the same brush unjustly because of the huge support he has received from Watts?

Nanette Hasette: Longstanding respected judge and wife of Terry Shamsie former Nueces County Judge and now Judge of Court Five which handles almost exclusively juvenile cases. Strong connections, middle of the road judge and close ties to Solomon. Has President Obama remembered or forgotten how Solomon and his backing turned their back on him during the primaries of 2008. It is whispered that President Obama has given Solomon a cold shoulder, but while he sits on the Armed Services Committee can his word and recommendation be ingnored?
Nelva Gonzales Ramos: The Darling of the Democratic Party.District Judge in the 347th District Court. The favorite of many high powered attorneys including the defense and plaintiff bar. Low key, and a powerful judge with a charisma that equals that of Nanette Hassette and who was placed in by the Kingmakers in the 90's as was Hassette to usher in an era of placing female judges on the bench and winning by gender as well as ethnicity and ability. Her name has been placed in the hat by powerbrokers. Many lawyers say she is the leading candidate for the position.

Sandra Watts: Impressive judge and hardworking. Has always won on her own merits and her son Mikal indicates that she has never needed his support or backing. Her long time friend Janis Graham Jack attended law school with her as they commuted by plan 2 decades ago to Houston. Jack is the other federal judge here in Corpus Christi. Will Mikal be able to sway the powers that be to entertain placing his mother in there or will it be the decision of men like John Cornyn (whom Watts challenged and abandoned the challenge) which will decide her fate?
Augustin Rivera Jr. : It is rumored he was quite smug and confident in May of 2009 that he would receive the nod beause of a deal cut with Juan Garcia long ago who has the President's ear. Does Augustin have the shot he thinks?. Certainly he has promoted his IVY league education and Irma and Jorge Rangel connections at every opportunity but will that help him when Fil Vela gives him a thumbs down for slights that Augie has committed in the past?
Manuel Banales: "Thumbs down all the way. His overt actions to help Celis recently and conflicts that have arisen have most certainly cost him even the slightest consideration on this list" it is said by those in the know. " The McCormick article in the San Antonio Express News killed it for Banales but he did it to himself. He should have recused himself and not been foolish and hypocritical enough to issue a statement that the jails were too overcrowded when he has filled the jails to the brim in his tenure with excessive sentences. Justice purchased, justice granted. He's finished politically. As far as he saying he will run...So what? Banales is reportedly threatening that Judge Greenwell, the only Republican Judge will get an opponent if he gets one such as Angelica Hernandez, Anna Jiminez, or Juan Reyna on the Republican or Democrat side. It is also rumored that Judge Greenwell had the Administrative Judge slot two years ago until Banales screamed and hollered and strongarmed to get it. He is hated by many lawyers and were disappointed when Hester died and Banales flew down for the funeral like a vulture swooping in for the all powerful administrative title. We doubt that Banales can hold on to this and it is Greenwell's turn who has bipartisan support. Banales' days may be politically numbered on the bench and it is rumored that the usual arrogance and pride has been stripped away, he has gone begging through intermediaries to CuCuy and Darth Vader Vela who have shot him the bird as it were. He has also been begging that everyone should vote Democrat. Why now, Manuelito, when you never needed anyone but the King and Armstrong ranch and your controller Darrell Barger?" say the insiders.


The informal consensus is that Gonzalez Ramos, followed by Hassette and then Galvan are the ones to watch. Stay tune bloggers and readers.


Anonymous said...

You are right HOmero. The Caller Times Censorship of comments like when over half the comments on the charleton Huerta were taken away is proof they are biased. Same with Banales: We all know that Banales is not only corrupt but he also has left two people crippled for life without anything being done but a ticket. Anyone else would be in Huntsville for at least 10 years. My vote is on Hassette and Gonzalez Ramos. Good analysis. Thank you Homero.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Banales has shot himself in the foot this time. First crippling two people, then the arrest for you know what and now getting in bed with Celis. Has he gone mad or is just that arrogant?

Anonymous said...

My money is with Bobby Galvan. The man has the pedigree, the experience and has the temperment. Bobby is on fire for the job. He would make the best choice. Why does someones gender always give them the advantage down here. Jeez, you have a skirt and you get an automatic 10 percent. That is what Gloria Caceres is trying to do in the commissioner race in Betty Jean's slot where Betty Jean endorses her and tries to throw Judge JAG who is also running under the bus because he let Betty Jean and commissioner's court have it all the time. Come on people. It should be the most qualified not the one who is female.

NoGard said...

Homero... have you ever checked the records of those who are "in the running"? How often do they "work"? How quickly are cases moved through their court? What is their current case backlog? These are serious things to consider. If they are inefficient and fail to expedite cases as they are "off", "on vacation", etc., then they better have a good reason.... many times courts are not "in session" for weeks. I would like to see you obtain that information and give us an "objective opinion" based on facts, about who is truly QUALIFIED to fill the federal position. I don't care who they are "connected" to, but if they are efficient.

Also, isn't it bizarre that Obama suddenly changes how Federal Judges are appointed... make sure you point that out as well. Sometimes you are objective, but sometimes your blog is slanted. When you are on target and objective, more people are apt to read and question.

As for Banales, well.... he has officially made his bed this time, while Peggy pulls the covers up with the office debacle.... let him sleep in it.

Anonymous said...

M"y money is with Bobby Galvan.... Why does someones gender always give them the advantage down here. Jeez, you have a skirt and you get an automatic 10 percent.....


No, it is more like 35%. There is definitely bias in favor of attractive hispanic females.

I theory is men vote with their dicks and the women vote thinking a female will represent them better.