Friday, July 3, 2009


This is a verbatim recording from our confidential source LAX. The opinions of LAX do not necessarily reflect those of EL DEFENZOR but it is one perspective from an insider.

"I feel bad for Mr. Huerta but I can't believe how gullible people are. The Catholic Church got bought out and the media by Huerta and all the trial lawyers. Did you see when Huerta became ill how many comments were removed from the Caller Times? The media suppressed any negative comments and even Joe Gazin from 3 Eye Witness News called Huerta the Spiritual Leader and "Prominent Lawyer". This whole thing that Albert started was a machine to get clients. Joseph his son was not the reason. Mr. Huerta had been engaged in Johnny Land and used that to bring in clients. When that got in hot water he looked at Gospel Bands and the preachers and saw it as an opportunity to get clients. It was something different and apart from Joseph and preceeded Joseph's accident in 1998. Albert and other lawyers got together to run cases. Albert saw religion as a way to get cases. Perhaps in his grief over Josephhe began to be delusional that he could talk to God. "

"However, I saw firstahnd that he would fly in mystics and people from the occult in the 1990's and reach out to Cabala, Curanderismo, Santeria and other arcane arts. And those that wanted to be a part of his machine had to engage in this Santeria-like worship. It was only recently that Our Fathers House began to appear on television and to have a critical mass effect on a lot of people. Conveniently this organization coincided with attempted to heal catastrophic illness in those involved accidents and it was clear that it was to a lure to get in hurt people to sign up with the firm. The Catholic Churc`h was used as a front and elderly priest was used to legitimize this enterprise and the Catholic Church looked the other way just like with Mauricio Celis. Conveniently those involved were high placed runners and lawyers. It is clear that even the Catholic Church has been coopted. Fellows growing up with him even say that there were some bizarre behaviors at Johnnyland evern before Joseph's accident. Huerta was mesmerized by religion and its effect on mind control and control of the masses and the huge opportunities to get cases. There were other strategies like using musicians but that was too risky because of the links to the underworld and drug trade. With religion and the stamp of certain elite members of the Catholic Church wcich would benefit from his generosity Huerta became bulletproof. Only a stroke and the hand of God has humbled him and now the other henchman are running for cover."

Legal Assistant X or LAX for short continues:

" YOu have to remember that a lot of millions were made off the misfortune of others and my hands are not clean. I helped Huerta make that money. I saw Calderon and DeLeon also run cases for Huerta and they made more than most lawyers in a lifetime and were happy to help in the religious movement and to get the clients that were paralzyed and forever disfigured to become clients or part of the machine that would bring in clients. A perfect example was a burn victim used to recruit new cases at the burn unit at Memorial here in Corpus for Huerta. He was paid to wait around for grieving families( supposedly). But what I do know is that cops, funeral people, fireman, EMS, nurses, Home Healths, and police chiefs and international figures all participated in running cases, Even reporters were hired from the stations to help knock on doors and get clients. This is the truth about Huerta. I like the man and I wish him the best, but the use of priests and the disgrace that has been brought on the Catholic Church and the frraud that has gone on for two decades is over. Kepp my name out of it because my life has already been threatened by these lawyers that run cases that stand to lose money. I hear that those who went and knocked doors will be investigated and the lawyers behind them are going to be sued more and more. Can you imagine that he requested and paid for an audience with the Vatican to start all this. If Catholics knew more about all this they may not have flocked to Huerta so quickly".

We thanked LAX for his second part of an interview which turned into a revelation into the Huerta "Cult of Personality" and Movement here in South Texas. HIs firsthand knowledge is and invaluable tool for us. Our prayers are with Mr. Huerta but it is our duty at El. Defenzor to report such interviews and protect confidential sources.
Video by Huerta and Pushing DVD's.


Anonymous said...

People never believed in all this that Huerta said about talking to God three times a day. It was all for the money. People play along to get along in these bad times. A lot of people will be hurting without Huerta's money. You can't take it with you and like a popular media person said, if he talked to God why didn't he get healed?

Anonymous said...

The Caller Times removed half the comments because they knew what people were saying: Huerta is a hoax. Sorry he had a stroke but he was blasphemous in the eyes of God by saying he could talk to him and he used the Catholic Church to make himself look legit. He did do some good but it was never for God, it was to line is pockets. It was all a charade and now it is over. Good riddance. And to the stupid mexicans who followed him, wake up. Talk directly to God, get down on your knees and accept Christ as your personal savior. You don't need false prophets for that and you don't need to worship idols to get to heaven. The Catholic Church in the form of Bishop Carmody gets bought out by Celis and by Huerta and others and then testifies for them, sends priests to their ridiculous shows and makes a mockery out of true worshippers. Why doesn't Albert heal himself?
The Judge

Anonymous said...

Albert is never coming back mentally I heard. The gangsters that work for him are looking for others to pray on but there comes a white horse who is going to destroy this set up one lawyer at a time. Stop praying on victims and knocking on their doors Calderon and DeLeon and Garza. You have been warned.

Anonymous said...

ok, ok, so let me get this straight, God asked him to cut this video? Oh comeon, Last guy I checked who talked to God lived 2000 years ago and got crucified and didn't have a law license. What a bunch of bullshit and everyone knows it.
Click this to vomit:

Anonymous said...

The ShamWow and Huerta's CD, only 19.99 As Seen on TV! HAHAHHAHAHAAH. What a joke. God punishes blashphemers and those with lying tongues. Don't forget the Shamwows.