Thursday, July 23, 2009

Founder of El Defenzor -- Homer Villarreal -- to appear Monday on the 1440 KEYS Morning Show. Topic: "The Life And Times Of Albert Huerta."

Corpus Christi, Texas -- Homer Villarreal, Founder of El Defenzor, has been asked to be a special guest on the 1440 KEYS Morning Show With Bob Jones (AM radio) on Monday, July 27. Mr. Villarreal will be discussing the "Life and Times of Albert Huerta: Attorney/Spiritual Voice" Mr. Villarreal will be on for a seminal hour during drive-time -- that is, from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Villarreal said: "I'm excited to have a grand opporunity to be able to examine the seminal impact that the late Alberto (Albert) Huerta had in our society, especially on the institutions -- political, social, economic and religious. Huerta rose to become a prominent lawyer specializing in serious injuries -- he was an eccentric genius in a sense and knew the socio-psychology of the multicultural area and was able to make a fortune. The complex social web and its respective catenations will be examined...Also to be examined, the turning point in his life: when his son, Joseph, an attorney was involved in a skiing accident that resulted in serious brain injury. I will do my best to trace the journey of Albert from his early years as aspiring, idealistic attorney to the phase where he came to an epiphany and began to address the larger spiritual questions and his calling as a healer and how he finally dealt (well and truly) with the last chapter of his life."

Villarreal concluded: A microscopic examination of some of his endeavors he participated in will be looked at with a critical and at the same time a compassionate eye... There is so much to learn from this public figure's story."

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Anonymous said...

Great job Homero. We all know who Big R is and Mr C. These guys have been scamming cases and running around like baby Mauricios forever. Turn on the light and the cockroaches scatter.