Monday, July 27, 2009


This morning much to the dismay of the political and legal machines and powers that be I appeared on Bob Jones' show on 1440 KEYS on AM radio from 7 to 8 a.m. Here are the highlights:

El Defenzor revealed the legal scheme to fund not only lawyers but also politicians and keep the Democratic party afloat:

Simply put I discussed the role of "runners" or people who go and pickup cases and take them to a lawyer (generallya referring attorney) who then cleans the cases by referring them to another attorney who is generally a trial attorney. The split here in South Texas according to my sources is generally 50/50.
I discussed the Huerta mystique and the enigma that he was. Preacher, father, businessman and lawyer who kept his runners under his thumb, kept the Catholic church enthralled as well as the public with the religious movement. I discussed his children and staff taking down and dismantling his television presence and ministry in less than 48 hours at Mr. Lopez' station.

I also discussed the lawsuits that the Huerta firm have had from Mr. Rene Rodriguez on Joseph Huerta and the Gonzalez firm from the valley suing Huerta Law Firm for soliciting. Additionally the role of Bill Edwards was discussed and his interviews on KZTV Action 10 news with broadcast journalist Andy Lescano on July 23, 2009 regarding runners as well as the controversial youtube video (search term William Edwards).

I will continue my investigation. As part of a possible book and documentary I will be investigating the phenomenon of runners in South Texas and the structure in place. i.e., runners get cases, lawyers make the money, lawyers then contribute to certain candidates and fund the Democratic party. Now with the Celis issue, the Republicans are storming the castle to weaken the Dem party by weakening their main source of contributions: lawyers.

One disclaimer: I am not saying that all lawyers engage in getting cases through the use of runners. Most lawyers I know adhere to the mandate that cases cannot be solicited in any manner.
Lastly, I talked about judicial races and in my opinion how Juan "RFK" Reyna and Tina Trevino will be formidable opponents in judicial races for the Republicans and that Angelica Hernandez has officially resigned 7 days ago from the D.A.'s office and will be setting her sights on the Democratic primary against Manuel Banales. Banales may have made a fatal error by sticking his neck out too far for Celis and making the hypocritical and ridiculous statement that he thinks the jail's are overcrowded.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Great job Homero. We all know who Big R is and Mr C. These guys have been scamming cases and running around like baby Mauricios forever. Turn on the light and the cockroaches scatter.

July 27, 2009 10:30 AM

Anonymous said...

Goons not guys. Goons. The resemblance between Gotti and Celis is uncanny. No wonder I have never seen them in the same room together. LMFAO!

Anonymous said...

I think Juan Reyna is awesome and a great candidate. Angelica Hernandez is also very qualified and could beat Banales hands down. Who is Tina Trevino and where has she been working? I haven't ever seen her at the courthouse? I even tried to google her but no hits on big cases or acconplishments. Is she a trial attorney???

NOGARD said...

Homero - glad you have this venue, but I must say - the face of Banales blasted on your page is rather nauseating. I have never heard such an egocentric, megalomaniac speak such drivel in my life. He went on Lago and acted like he knew NOTHING of where the money for his office was coming from. He spoke as though Peggy had no choice is how they spent her precinct's money. Then tonight, I hear him on 104.9 trashing Loyd Neal, Pusley, the Caller Times Reporters and the 13th Court of Appeals judges. He used the words LIAR, IGNORANT, IDIOT and SELFISH to describe those listed. What in the hell is this man turning into? Or is it something he has always been, but is now truly showing us what a flippant elected official he is! I truly hope someone comes in and kicks his ass out of that office and appeals to Perry to yank him out of his appointed position as well! His arrogance is past annoying and his desire to place himself on a pedestal and pretend he has no affiliation with Celis and those in their clique is abhorrent!

I think he has officially sliced his throat this time and no amount of money is going to repair it to the point of leaving no scar for all to see.

Anonymous said...

Banales never thought anyone would have the courage to challenge him. He has ruled his courts in Nueces and Kleberg like a dictator. He is arrogant and has no sense of decency. I can't wait until Angelica Hernandez announces against him. She is going to change the rules on him. He is going to get taste of his own medicine.